Why Bali Makes A Top Holiday Destination in 2015

As seasoned globetrotters, we all like to know a little about the places we are visiting before we get there. Most of us like a detailed and well-planned itinerary of activities and excursions. Some of us still love the thrill of wandering aimlessly and happening upon some of the best kept secrets in a region. Of course, nowadays, we need to consider safety first, and wandering isn’t the most security conscious means of getting to know a place anymore.

Getting off the beaten track is all very well and good, but for most of us this can be a very frightening prospect, particularly in countries with a history of troubles. All places have rough areas, but some are little more worrying than others. Instead, sit back and enjoy reading a good travel blog with some great ideas on where to go and what to do when you get there!

This year, there are more must-see holiday destinations than ever before. One place that must go on your short list is Bali. This beautiful island is situated just across the Bali Strait from Java. However, the two places are definitely not related when it comes to the culture, the food, and types of vacation you can enjoy here. Indonesia is well known for having its fair share of political and environmental problems, but Bali is in a good place right now.

Perhaps best known as a stop off en route to Australia, Bali has some fabulous tourist centered resorts that are becoming very trendy. If you are after luxury and pampering in a very safe district, check out the Southern resorts where you can stay in luxury hotels in Bali. These are very secure, and cater better for the tourist than most other resorts around the globe. You can find everything you need here, including some stunning white sand beaches.

The local cuisine in Bali is fresh and vibrant in its color and flavor. You can taste the influence of all the cultures that have had power and prosperity in this tiny place. Fish and chicken dominate but they are fresh, and the rice comes from the local paddies. Vegetables are very widely used too, so hopefully your home diet won’t suffer any when you come to stay. While plenty of chili and other spices are used, they create a wealth of flavor and not necessarily heat. If you don’t like spicy food, you may like some of the Balinese cuisines anyway.


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Bali is world renowned for its wonderful culture and stunning coral reef. The wildlife here has suffered many species extinctions, particularly of its large mammals, but the reef is home to nearly a thousand different fish species. You may also be able to spot one of a number of species of shark swimming out in the sea too. The landscape makes for an awesome backdrop for any photographs you take, and the architecture is ornate, fitting in well with the palm trees. If you are looking for the exotic this year, take a trip to beautiful Bali.

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