What to do in London on a Rainy Day

London enjoys the reputation of being a “rainy city.” We have all heard stories of how rare a sunny day is and how people instantly opt for work holiday on a sunlit day and prefer to indulge in outdoor games and picnics. However, speaking of the London climate, Wikipedia explains that the city is in fact not as rainy as it is touted to be! In fact, it receives less precipitation than other prominent cities in Europe, like Rome and Naples. However, experiencing rainy climate while you are on a London holiday still remains a distinct possibility. Ideally, you should look for an accommodation near Westfield shopping centre or a theatre of repute, so that the day can be spent doing something enjoyable, indoors. Here are some places to plan your day at when the rain gods play spoilsport.

The Iconic London Eye is a Great Option

If you have chosen one of the budget hotels in Ealing like the Holiday Inn London West, you are likely to be close to the London Eye. And, it could well be a special experience to visit on a drizzly day. The rotation attraction is equipped with fully covered capsules that are both warm and dry. And, you can actually enjoy mesmerizing views of the city through the raindrop laced windows. In fact, these drops would provide for much more interesting and intriguing photo opportunities.

Go Shopping

Now that you have chosen to stay near the Westfield shopping centre, shopping, especially on a rainy day that does not allow too much travel, should come naturally to you. London offers some of the best shopping options in the world. If you wish to stay at one location, consider a departmental store like Harrods or a shopping mall like Westfield. Or you can head to Oxford Street, which is lined with shops. Drop off at the Oxford Circus and head to Carnaby Street. You can even take your kids to Hamleys.

The London Dungeon

If your place of stay is near Marble Arch, which is fairly close to the London Eye, and you have an inherent desire to explore scary attractions, this is the place to come to on a dull, gloomy, rain drenched day. You can make your way through 1000 years of the city’s glorious history, albeit in a scary mode. Actors narrate the story of the past and try their best to scare you. Besides, a couple of rides are also on offer to add to the fun.

London Museums

Heading to a museum is perhaps the most obvious thing to do on a rainy day, considering that London provides so many options to choose from. And, most of them offer free entry. And when you are in a hotel near Twickenham, the British Museum, which can be easily accessed by the central line, will be a great destination to head to. Hopping into a museum is especially helpful when confronted by sporadic showers on a day out.

The multicultural city of London has loads to offer. Wasting a rainy day sitting in your hotel could be a gross mistake! Go out and enjoy yourself.

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