Traveller’s Discounts Come in Different Shapes and Sizes – Win a Holiday Sun Bundle

As much as we travellers who are deeply in love with visiting and exploring different places would give up a lot if we could to travel even more, the reality of it is that it simply costs money. Travelling can get expensive, especially if the effort you put into finalising your travel arrangements doesn’t go too far beyond running Google searches. If this is your approach, you’re not only paying too much for pretty much everything that forms part of your travel arrangements, but are also subjecting yourself to unnecessary costs.


Yes, it helps sometimes to go through agencies in a bid to make sure your travel plans are solid, but the point is agencies themselves differ and your choice between the options available could make for the difference between having a prolonged getaway as a result of your money going further, or a holiday which is just too short, as if there isn’t a holiday which is too short.

Traveller’s discounts take some effort to uncover

Look, if it was as easy as just Googling it, everybody would be travelling for next to nothing and in some rare cases even completely free. Being able to travel for far less than what it would otherwise regularly cost is somewhat of an art and travel bargain-hunting is a skill that tends to be developed and honed over time. If you regularly read blogs such as this one then you’re looking in the right direction and are well on your way to one day looking back on your travels and realising just how much money you saved. Ultimately though, it isn’t specifically about saving money, but more about how much more you managed to get done while away on vacation or exploring the various corners of the world, beyond your own regular world. The beauty of it lies in being able to work the smallest of details in your favour and yes, it requires some effort.

Obviously, the main areas in which travellers will naturally look for discounts is in relation to their travel fare, such as booking last-minute or very early flights, and their accommodation, such as group bookings, last-minute bookings again, as well as early-bird bookings (via booking sites). Group discounts also extend to the various activities travellers love to engage in while at their chosen destinations. The seasoned traveller however knows that saving costs while travelling and perhaps having extra money to enjoy more of their holiday also entails paying attention to details as small as what to pack and where and when to buy your essentials. Something as unassuming as where you buy your sunscreen lotion and what type of sunscreen lotion you buy could make for the difference between being able to upsize a couple of your meals maybe, or just having some extra money to spend on something else on your travels.

For travellers coming out of the United Kingdom and Ireland, a holiday Sun Bundle is up for grabs, giving you one less vital holiday expense to worry about, no matter how small it may appear to be. Get in touch now before Saturday 25th June and you’ll be in line to win the Sun Bundle, including Green People SPF15 Sun Lotion with Tan Accelerator, Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF25, and Green People Day Sun Lotion SPF 15.

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