Top 5 Budget Hotels to sleep in Rome

It’s quite a deep rabbit hole we’d be disappearing down in a discussion of exactly what constitutes a budget hotel – a deep rabbit hole with many tunnels at that. This is especially true of a world-renowned destination such as Italy’s Eternal City of Rome as this brings into view the subjectivity of the matter. Based on the average cost of accommodation and overall cost of living in Rome, is a budget hotel the absolute cheapest form of accommodation you’d find?

Not necessarily…

In our putting together of what we’ll admit to be a dynamic list of Rome’s top five budget hotels to sleep in, we’ve taken into account contributions from followers who have been to Rome, who in turn took into account the actual value you get for the money you spend. So it’s not about the absolute cheapest, but rather about how far each dollar you spend goes…

Zidan Guest House

Zidan Guest House is in actual fact a hostel, so we’re catering to those travellers who are looking for budget accommodation in the truest sense of the phrase! Priced at about $2-$3 more than the absolute cheapest accommodation you can get in Rome however, this suggests that we can’t simply go for the absolute cheapest.

You still need to get some value for your money, plus you’ll have to pay a further tax of around $3. Free Wi-Fi is available and breakfast is included in the price, while the action which you likely came to Rome for is about a 12-minute walk if that action partly takes the form of hitting up the Piazza Barberini.

A top-rated alternative to Zidan Guest House is Roman Place, priced slightly lower but offering pretty much the same as Zidan Guest House.

Casaletto 210

Dare I say this is probably one of the very best budget accommodation options in Rome, with comforts and luxuries such as a pool and garden-access included in the price. It’s even listed as a pet-friendly hotel, but actually takes the shape of an apartment.

Evening Star Termini

The cheapest double-room option will require you to share a bathroom, but that shouldn’t be an issue based on the value you subsequently get as a result. This guest house is only a 10-minute walk from the station and only a 20-minute walk from the Colesseum.

Roema Guest House & Aurelia 429 Town House

I’m mentioning Roema Guest House and Aurelia 429 Town House together because these typify what you need to consider when searching for budget hotels in Rome. You can find plenty more which fall into this category on this website, but otherwise you should understand that options such as Roema Guest House and Aurelia 429 Town House only really fall into the budget hotels bracket if you’re booking as a single occupant. So while you’ll get ample space to yourself and a private bathroom to go with your private room, if you rather booked here to lodge together with a companion, the prices wouldn’t really fall within the budget hotels bracket anymore.

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