The Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, is considered one of the best tourist destinations on the continent. Gold Coast city, spreads 57 kilometers along the coast, surrounding the five beaches. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. The surf and golden beaches in the city, are just some of the many sources of entertainment in this beautiful area. Daytime Gold Coast city activities include Ocean World, many theme parks, hot air balloon rides, aqua bus rides through the canal system and a wax museum. View the many restaurants, cafes, bistros, spas, street entertainers, and shop to contentment. Nightlife entertainment includes a casino with stage shows, quality restaurants, bars, clubs and night shopping. The Australian Outback Spectacular, is an evening dinner show. A world class arena event that captures the heritage of the stockmen and women and the horse. There are hotels and other accommodations to fit any budget and lifestyle. Car hire facilities are also available in many locations in the city, and at the airport. There is a wide variety of vehicles to fit your needs and budget.

The south east region of Queensland, covers the area known as the Gold Coast Hinterland, and the Scenic Rim. The Scenic Rim is located inland from the Gold Coast Hinterland, and covers more than 4,000 square kilometers. It is a good idea to use one of the many car hire establishments to enjoy this beautiful part of Queensland. These two rural areas are renowned for their natural beauty and vistas. There are wonderful National Parks here, with self guided walking trails. You can amble through the largest sub-tropical rain forest in the world. This is an opportunity to see rare wild life including exotic birds, plus unique plant life. There are also many World Heritage Sites in this region. Other attractions in the area include wildlife sanctuaries, tree top rain forest walkways and farm tours. Visit the wineries, breweries, spas, craft shops, gourmet eateries and enjoy wonderful accommodations.

Make the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia your next vacation destination. There is something here for everyone to enjoy.

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