Take a Look Inside the World’s Finest Football Hotel

You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate The Shankly Hotel, which has been inspired by Bill Shankly – one of the most ground-breaking managers in the beautiful game of football. Whatever team you support, no-one can deny that Bill Shankly was a passionate, honest and funny man who brought dignity and humour to the sport. It is for this reason that he is adored across the globe, and so this remarkable hotel is a fitting tribute to a man that brought joy and hope to so many people across the globe.

The Rooms

The Shankly Hotel isn’t just for football fans. Bill Shankly was a self-confessed “man of the people” – and this hotel is for everyone. Whether you are looking for a romantic stay with your partner, comfortable accommodation for the whole family or a place to relax after an LFC or EFC football match, you should book a room at the football hotel.

Many of the rooms are designed to accommodate small groups, with the aim of bringing loved ones together in one luxurious setting. Many also feature a double Jacuzzi bath, which allows you to relax and unwind after a busy day exploring the city.

Located within each room is a story by those who have an interesting story to tell about the late manager, including from his fans, family and friends. So, you would have to stay in each room to experience the many interesting stories about Shanks.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to book a table at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, which offers seasonal dishes that will delight and excite customers. Not only will you adore the menu, but you can browse Shankly memorabilia at your leisure, with most of the items donated from the Shankly family’s private collection. Take a look at Bill Shankly’s OBE, original LFC contract and his telegram from the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

Shankly Experience Tours

Your Shankly experience doesn’t have to stop at the hotel – as The Shankly Hotel also offer a number of tours for you to choose from. You can visit the legend’s family home in West Derby, St George’s Hall where he gave his famous ‘Chairman Mao’ speech, and you can even visit some of the city’s finest attractions along the way.

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