Super Winter Holiday Ideas

When you are thinking about booking a winter holiday, there are lots of choices available to you. You may book based on destination. Alternatively, the activities you may be able to participate in may sway your decision. Some people are more concerned about the kind of accommodation that could be on offer. Others are merely looking for an incredible bargain for some winter sun.

Whatever your reasons for choosing one holiday package over another, travelling at this time of year is cheaper than in the summer. There are activities available that are unique to the winter weather, and for those travelling to the sun, these are quieter times at the resorts. If you’re wanting to explore rather than stay in on place, there are plenty of options for transport, like these×4-camper-van-rental/ campervan rentals in Iceland, for example. There is quite a substantial break from the schools too, so you will be able to travel with family easily.

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For those who like excitement and physical activities, a ski holiday would be a desirable choice. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and ski jumps are available at most of the resorts you could book. Accommodation is traditionally chalet based. This can be booked through dedicated websites like chaletline or through your agent.

Some people like luxurious accommodation and fine dining when they are away. Cruising through Northern Europe to take in the Aurora Borealis lights may be just the ticket. Take in stops at some fabulous European cities like Reykjavík in Iceland, Copenhagen in Denmark and St. Petersburg in Russia. The sites and sounds are unique to this region, and you can see the fjords and other extraordinary natural features you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are happy to fly further afield, you may enjoy some winter sun. The Caribbean and Bahamas are warm and sunny most of the year round, although some areas are more susceptible to rainy weather later in the year. Australia is a fascinating place to visit in the winter. There are several interesting cities to see. Travelling inland will provide you opportunities to visit some stunning geological icons like Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Australia is warmest in January and February, so you can be guaranteed to be getting some sun here.

For a romantic winter city break, you may choose Paris for the Eiffel Tower or New York’s Central Park. Both cities have skating rinks over the holiday period, and both have extraordinary light displays to make the most of darker nights. It has been known to snow in both cities in December and January so you may be in for one of the most romantic winter breaks you could find.

Finally, for a fabulous New Year event, you can’t beat London and the chiming of Big Ben to bring it in with style. Thousands of people gather along the banks of the Thames to celebrate, and most pubs and clubs put on great events to get you into the festive spirit. Public transport is excellent for getting around the city, so you could stay just outside for the cheapest accommodation. However, you choose to enjoy yourself this year, a winter holiday may be just the thing to put you in a great mood for the rest of the year.

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