Spain, the land of serene sea and majestic mountains

Stunning beaches, majestic mountains and verdant plains make Spain one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Vibrant cities give you a high with their boundless energy while a number of places with their quaint charm would transform you into another more pristine world. Architectural masterpieces also add their charm to make the vista more beautiful and it’s no surprise if you think of lingering your stay in Spain as the joyous surroundings always work wonders for your senses.


The beaches at Costa del Sol with miles of white sands welcome you in their own paradise. When the gentle sea touches the shores, it seems the sea is also in love with the place and just wants to caress the sands with no harsh intention. Lately the authorities have also taken action and guaranteed that whatever developments happen, they must be in harmony with its beautiful coast. Though the beaches are the main attraction at Costa del Sol, there a number of other tourist attractions in the vicinity. The history lover in you can visit Marbella that still has remains of Moorish Castillo. Parque Nacional del Teide is another wonder of nature that you must include in your Spain holiday package. The Pico de Teide and Caldera de las Canadas are volcanic craters that form the park and you can opt for hiking or taking cable car ride to reach there. From the top you can also see all the way to North Africa and sooth your soul with the mesmerizing vista.

Alhambra Palaces at Granada with their intricate designs showcase the architectural prowess that the area had in the ancient past. There are a number of buildings, walls, gardens and towers and the intricate carvings on them would make such impression on you that even long period after visiting the place, you would think of the design. The terraced gardens at the complex would sooth you and make you think of how nature and human ingenuity amalgamate to create that majestic vista. There are a number of other places that you can include in your Spain itinerary including the Great Mosque of Cordoba, San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao.

Human spirit always looks for freedom and there is no better place than Spain to give the joy of freedom to your inner self. Unshackle your mind and embark on the journey to Spain at the earliest; your freedom seeking soul would meet its true self. Book your Spain tour packages with SOTC.

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