Sightseeing in Seville

Seville has a reputation for being the most beautiful city in Spain. The city dates back nearly 2,200 years which gives the city a unique appeal.

Centuries of culture have left their mark on this remarkable town. Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Islamic and Jewish art and architecture are responsible for creating the city’s unique romantic ambiance.  If you are interested in visiting Seville, here are five places you will not want to miss.

The first stop everyone agrees on when visiting Seville is the Cathedral. The Cathedral of Seville is one of the largest gothic cathedrals in the world. The Cathedral took over a century to construct and is a symbol of wealth and confidence. The beautiful architecture of the Cathedral is a focal point of the city.
The Giralda tower was originally built as a minaret for the main mosque of seville, but was converted into a bell tower for the Cathedral when the Christians took Seville in the 15th century.
The Royal Alcazar was constructed by the moors as a fort, and converted to a palace shortly after. The palace is a prime example of the unique blend of cultural influences that make up Seville. The gardens around the palace are a good place to spend the afternoon. Also consider visiting the room where Christopher Columbus planned his voyage to the new world.
The Torre del Orro, constructed during the 13th century under moorish rule defines the border of seville along the river that divides the city. The golden tower rises high above the river banks and was constructed to protect the harbor from invasion. Today it is one of the most photographed places in Seville, and offers great views of breath taking sunsets.
The Hospital De Los Venerables is located in the oldest section of Seville. The hospital was constructed as a place for priests to care for the cities homeless and sick. Many beautiful frescos can be seen throughout the hospital and chapel. These beautiful works of art give a good impression of Seville’s focus on art through the centuries.
The Plaza De Espana was constructed in 1929 for the American exposition’s worlds fair. The Plaza was created in a style that recreates the feel of Arab structures built 10 centuries before. A thousand people working on all aspects of the structure were able to complete the project in only 14 years. Many tourists enjoy sitting in one of the 48 alcoves each representing a province of spain.
Seville is a beautiful city with many beautiful places to explore. After you spend the day viewing popular land marks, Seville has a variety of other activities that you can explore. If you enjoy the night life, Seville has some of the best in Europe. Sevillians often say the night does not end before 7am. Live bullfights are still done at the Plaza de Torros.

Flamenco dancing is also an important part of Seville’s culture and live performances abound. If bullfights and night life are not what you are interested in, there are several open air markets where local vendors sell their goods. Seville offers such a range of activities that anyone who visits will find more than enough to make a visit memorable.

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