Sightseeing in Majorca

Majorca, which is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is actually known as one of the Balearic Islands. This particular island gets thousands of tourists every year, visiting and enjoying all the amazing cuisine and breathtaking sites leaving enough memories to last a lifetime.

Although this island has many memorizing sites to view, here is a list of a few very popular ones among island residents and travelers alike:

Caves of the Island
This island actually homes two hundred different caves, although only a small portion of these are open for the public to travel through. Hundreds of people each day take tours through these beautiful caves discovering the true essence inside each one of them. Stalactites and stalagmites fill each of these caves, although only a few contain large underground lakes. The caves which do happen to have underground lakes often have musical concerts performed inside of them mainly because the acoustics; which are like nothing you’ve ever heard before.
Marine Land/Amusement Park
This particular amusement park offers not only exciting rides for everyone in the family to enjoy, but also a fabulous marine show. The marine show itself provides a stunning exhibit from an array of dolphins performing water gymnastics, while also featuring rare sharks for everyone to watch and learn about. The park also provides a secluded zoo area displaying reptiles of all kinds including everything from large snakes to crocodiles.
The Fabulous Boat and Ferry Harbor
This huge and amazing boat harbor is a lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy. This very attractive harbor features yachts and pleasure boats of all colors and sizes which are very entertaining and relaxing to watch come in and out of the port. This harbor also offers a ferry terminal that allows visitors to take small tours around the island; stopping frequently to let travelers enjoy a variety of restaurants.
Down Town Markets
The island also puts on an outstanding display of markets and shops daily for tourists to explore through; finding a large selection of hand crafted items and specialty gifts. The selection of unique souvenirs from the island is endless and also lots of fun to rummage through throughout the warm and relaxing days. There are many specialty shops on the island featuring handmade jewelry items and figurines that can only be purchased on the island. Finding the perfect gifts items to take back home to family and friends certainly will not be a problem after shopping through all of these downtown markets.
Castles and Watch Towers
Touring through historical castles and watch towers can be such a wonderful adventure for anyone given the luxury to do so, and there are plenty to walk through on this island. Also the town of Pollentia, which is an ancient Roman town created in 123 BC., can be visited by travelers. Visit the history of these places and walk in the footsteps of past individuals who left their mark for you to enjoy and treasure for a life time.

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