Reasons Why You Should Consider Holidaying in a Villa

Are you already dreaming about your next summer holiday? Picture the scene: cocktail in hand, sun beaming down, as you float serenely around the hotel pool on the inflatable lilo you rushed to purchase when you arrived. Sounds great doesn’t it? But hang on a minute, a chubby kid has just thrown caution to the wind and is about to bomb it into the pool! There’s no time for you to paddle away…splash! Your lilo has capsized; your cocktail has been surrendered to the bright blue water, and everyone is laughing…you’ve got a feeling it’s at you.

Why have I asked you to picture this terrible scene? Because it never would have happened if you’d only stayed in a villa. Still not convinced? Here’s more reasons why you should consider a villa over a hotel:

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Private Pools

A villa without a private pool is like Ant without Dec – it ain’t gonna happen. EVER. Your villa will always have a gorgeous private pool for you to relax in with absolutely no chance of fat kids bombing you off your lilo.

If you’ve got kids, you can keep a much closer eye on them too!

You Can Do Your Own Thing

By staying in a villa rather than a hotel, not only will you avoid awkward lilo capsizing incidents, you’ll also have complete control over your holiday. You’ll be a whole lot more relaxed, plus you can eat what you like when you like without having to base it around a hotel restaurant.

Do you want to eat out or eat in? The choice is totally yours, but the great thing is you don’t have to commit to anything. Try the local cuisine, have a barbeque in the lush garden of your villa, whatever takes your fancy. You can make loads of noise while you’re there too – who’s gonna complain?!

It’s Great For Families

Taking kids on holiday can sometimes warrant a holiday for parents when they return – that’s how stressful it can be!

Kids will have plenty of space to run wild around the villa, without you having to worry about who they’re annoying (or whose cocktail and dignity they’re forfeiting).

Big beautiful gardens and private pools are the norm when staying in a villa, so any stress you had when planning or travelling over, you’ll find soon disappears. You could even be a complete villa convert afterwards and shun hotels in favour of the privacy and tranquility!

There’s A Villa To Suit Everyone

You can find a great villa to stay in no matter what kind of holiday you want and who’s going with you. Want to look at villas to rent in Menorca, Spain? No problem! You could even find one right here in the UK if you wanted to!

So, by now you should have realised the great potential holidaying in a villa has to make your holiday stress free and memorable. If you haven’t, that’s fine by us – just say goodbye to your cocktail.

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