Puerto Rico for Nature Lovers

The island chain of Puerto Rico is home to exotic birds, a huge variety of fish and vibrant people. The peace and serenity of the place is unmatched, and the locals are simple and lively folk, who love their families as well as partying and spending time outdoors. The place enjoys a tropical marine climate, with summer temperatures throughout the year, which means that this is a great vacation destination all year round. Although the country does not have extensive indigenous wildlife, it does harbor some beautiful places for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Here is a look at what to see in Puerto Rico for the nature lovers.

Hiking in the Forest of Clouds

Endangered animals, such as the Puerto Rican Parrot and coquis frogs that are famous for singing serenades in the evenings, find home in the Rainforest of El Yunque, which literally means the Forest of Clouds. Although you have an option to drive yourself to the place, it is advisable to book your conveyance beforehand. Go Tours Puerto Rico, Tours & Travel company does exactly that for you by organizing your Puerto Rico tours just as you please.

It organizes guided tours that definitely are the best way to make the most of your time here. Take the forest trails through waterfalls, tiny vegetation and little flowers, with the island’s colorful parrots accompanying you overhead. The mountainous terrain ranges from easy to difficult climbs. Serious hikers can try their hand at climbing to the beautiful peak of El Yunque.

Kayaking through Bioluminescent Bays

After a fun Bacardi factory tour, go kayaking on a moonless night through one of the most bioluminescent bays of the world. Isn’t it a one of its kind adventure? Mosquito Bay on Vieques Island is another great experience that the country has to offer for people who love being close to nature. Bioluminescence in a fragile ecosystem caused by microscopic single-cell organisms called dinoflagellates. It is when these organisms are agitated that they release energy in the form of light. The biobay boasts a concentration of organisms like no other in the world, with 700,000 per gallon of water. Get your biobay kayak tour planned in advance to avoid any last minute hassles.

Off the Eastern Coast

The El Yunque Puerto Rico Rainforest tour takes you to the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. But the proper east coast offers a lot more. It is a blend of wilder cliff-backed shoreline that has beautiful and secluded beaches lacing it. The place of sleepy villages and scenic beauty has one of the best horse ranches on the island. The tiny Culebra Island is famous for its spectacular and serene Flamenco Beach; however, nothing seems better than the isolation in Culebrita. It can be considered as one of the most beautiful Puerto Rico beaches. It has an unspoiled beauty with the gorgeous lighthouse being the only manmade structure you can lay your eyes on.

Make sure you research what to see in Puerto Rico and organize your tours well in advance to make the most of your vacation.

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