Planning Your Summer Holiday Efficiently

So the weather is picking up, nights are lighter and the shops are full of summery offerings, which can only mean one thing- summer is upon us! The thought of planning a family summer holiday might fill you with dread, but with some careful planning you can plan the perfect getaway without the stress and arguments.

Doing your research and planning your trip as a family will make the holiday run so much more smoothly and be more enjoyable for all involved, so get booking that dream holiday, with our help.

The most obvious worry for most people when choosing a holiday package or destination is the cost.  Not only is it costly to physically get you to your destination, but also once you’re there you still need spending money and even prior to that, the family will expect new wardrobes. Don’t stress about trying to manage all of it, top up your savings with a small, manageable loan from monkeydosh that when you return from holiday, and next get paid, you can just pay off. Make life easy and reduce the added pressure of trying to afford everything yourself.

Shop around for a great deal and see if you can get the travel agents you use to through in any extras like half board, upgrading you to business class or a nicer suite wherever you choose to stay. Just asking the question, and getting travel companies to compete with each other can often save you big bucks, so don’t be shy, just ask!

Get the whole family involved and create a wall planner for everyone to save some cash as well as count down to the date you go away, getting everyone excited and through those last few weeks at work and school. Teaching your little ones how to save their money will ensure they value its worth when it comes to spending it, as well as being able to appreciate gifts more thoroughly.

Researching the destination and local attractions is also another fun, family activity and ensures you plan things that all of you will enjoy. Get them to write notes and print photos to create the start of a scrapbook which can then be added to whilst you are away, as well as on your return with photos, tickets and general bits and pieces from your trip.

If you’re away for a couple of weeks or more, why not get the children to set themselves targets and challenges, for example items they have to find, from attractions you intend to visit. They can then continue they’re learning, subtly, by writing accounts of what they’ve done and where they’ve been as well as feeling a sense of achievement and independence by setting themselves tasks that they can complete with minimal help from adults around them.

So, as you can see planning not only makes for a calmer break, that you have no doubt earnt, but also allows the whole family to find cool things to do, save some money to spend and more importantly have enough packing time to ensure nothings forgotten (passports and sun cream are essential, so don’t go missing those out!).

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