New York: the ultimate city break

No matter what a traveler is looking for in a city break destination, whether going for a mini-break weekend of a full-blown vacation, New York City has something to offer everyone, and then some.

From world-class entertainment and varied shopping opportunities to scores of annual events and cultural festival and festivities throughout the city, there truly is no place in the world quite like New York.

New York consists of five Boroughs, each unique in their attractions and culture. Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island each have their own appeal, but when most people hear “New York City”, what they think of is Manhattan. This island Borough, sitting between the Hudson and East Rivers, is the New York seen on film and television, and is the destination that most visitors are looking to see.

New York entertainment

It is impossible to be bored in New York; there is always something to see and experience. New York is home to the bright lights of Broadway and the many plays and musicals that call it home – many for years at a time. Off-Broadway shows are also big draws; with many famous stars treading the boards in indie plays and improve shows. Music lovers have endless variety at their disposal, from jazz dives and piano bars to Village pub shows and folk performances in the many city parks. Lincoln Center uptown offers the best in high-culture, including classical music, opera and ballet. Visitors who like to party will find nightclubs covering every genre and style of music and dance, as well as “roving” parties that take up residence for a night in restaurants and other buildings throughout the city.

Then, of course, there is Times Square, where everything under the sun is right at the doorstep of some of the best New York hotels.

New York shopping

New York is home to some of the best shopping in the world, with designer labels and handmade local goods sold steps away from each other. Designer boutiques, such as Gucci, Versace and Prada, line Sixth Avenue, just steps from the high-end department stores of Barney’s and Bendel’s. Macy’s famous department store is a big draw for shoppers and tourists alike.

For more local flavor, a treat to 14th Street is in order, where both sides of the street are lined with shops selling everything under the sun. Nearby, Chelsea Market offers up scores of delicious and exotic foods.

The Villages (East, West and Greenwich) are home to numerous shops filled with punk wear and memorabilia, eco-friendly products and clothing, the alternative and the unusual.

New York events and festivals

There is always something going on in New York City. Some of the more obvious special event times include New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July; the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a huge draw for families and the young at heart.

During the summer months, spending time outdoors is always popular. Central Park draws cyclists; the Zoo offers fun for the whole family, and Shakespeare in the Park offers free performances with big-name stars.

Tourists can enjoy club-hopping at any given time to explore and experience NYC nightlife and have fun. The city also offers special eateries that would provide you with a great view while you enjoy cuisines from around the world. If interested, you can look for a new york city rooftop bar or a restaurant with a waterfront vista to truly enjoy the essence of the city.

Many festivals are held in various neighborhoods around New York City; the most famous is the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, which features rides, games and plenty of sausage-and-peppers stands.


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