Must Visit Places in London for a Book Lover

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

~ Samuel Johnson

The city of London is considered to have had the biggest global influence on the world of English language and literature. The city has served as a muse to many great writers. Authors like Virginia Wolf, Samuel Johnson and Charles Dickens can literally be called the “guides” to the city. For literature lovers, a visit to London’s neighborhoods echoes of fiction’s most memorable characters and places described in luscious language. It also brings out so much of the real-life stories of some of the most famous writers. Pick a top London boutique hotel in Central London and you can cover the famous literary spots conveniently.

The Garden Squares of Bloomsbury

For ardent fans of Virginia Wolf, EM Forster, TS Eliot and Mary Shelley, the Garden Squares of Bloomsbury serves as the most idyllic place to be in London. To the great writers and intellectuals of the 1920s and 30s, the place had been a home and meeting ground. As a matter of fact, the famous group is known as the Bloomsbury Group. It offers you a delightful tour through the homes of the writers you have admired or maybe you can just read a book in the vicinity of the place where literary geniuses once worked. It is best to choose London boutique hotel such as a Eccleston Square Hotel that is located in the heart of the city centre. Apart from being close to the places you would want to visit, the hotel in itself is an elegant fusion that represents some of the best Belgravia boutique hotels, where old meets new.

The Harry Potter Shop

The cozy little shop at King’s Cross Station, with exquisite merchandise from the series, is definitely a wonderland for Harry Potter fans. But what makes it a must visit is the fascinating “Platform 9¾” feel given to it. If you too have been enchanted by the secret passageway to the Hogwarts Express, you will find it recreated right here at the western departure of King’s Cross Station. You can actually get a photo op with a half luggage trolley replete with the owl cage sticking out of the wall. You can visit the place from your boutique hotel near Hyde Park via the Gatwick Express

The George Inn

The place is of utter historical influence as it remains the original coaching inn in London. Dating back to late 16th century London, it has served Shakespeare and Charles Dickens among many others. The 300 year old building stands tall till today, with oak-beamed dining rooms, old English windows, open fireplaces and other charming elements from the bygone eras. Although the spot is a busy one, with conferences and events happening often, but it is serene in its own way and can make you travel back in time. The Inn also has its name mentioned in Dickens’ Little Dorrit. Easily accessible from your romantic luxury boutique hotel, this place is just right for a memorable evening with loved ones.

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