Jordan Tours- Witness some Incredible Sights

Jordan tours offer the best way for you to see and experience everything this mystical country has to offer. Located on all sides by devastating conflict, you may imagine that this is not a popular tourist destination. However, the contrasting oasis of tough neighborhoods and beautiful scenery makes it appealing.

There is so much history surrounding Jordan, and you will struggle to learn everything about this country in a short visit. Most people recognize Jordan due to Lawrence of Arabia and the Biblical stories that have been told over the years. Many of Jordan’s attractions and historical landmarks are centered on these stories.

The tours that are available vary an enormous amount, and are often tailor-made for the travelers that have joined the tour. With so many places of interest, you may be unsure of what you want to see, however, researching Jordan will enlighten you further.  The top things to see in Jordan are:

  • The remote desert castles, which date back to Umayyad times
  • The Roman ruins in Jerash which are considered phenomenal
  • Petra’s rose red, which is situated in Nabataean city
  • The mosaics that were created by Madaba’s Byzantine
  • Mt Nebo, where Moses stood and gazed out upon the promised land before him

If you are wondering the best time to visit, you should look at holidays in April, May, September and October. These are incredibly popular, and offer a unique time to experience the different events that are happening. The Jordan tours that are arranged during these months are brilliant, and will guarantee that you see and do so many exciting things.

Fitting in with the locals is not as difficult as you may imagine, and there are several things that you can do before you leave to embrace the lifestyle. You will soon discover that there are many excellent musicians, authors and film makers from Jordan. Indiana Jones was filmed in the picturesque Petra, therefore, watch this movie to get in the mood.

Food and drink in Jordan is considered unusual, however, you should never be afraid to sample some of the local delicacies. Lamb is a popular dish, and many of the meals are served on platters with rice to friends and family. Tea is the symbol of Jordanian hospitality, and you can never go wrong with a good cup of tea.

Alongside the tours, you may want to join in with the many activities on offer, with water sports and snorkeling both being popular. The Red Sea provides the ultimate playground to explore under the sea, and delight in seeing the unique sea creatures that call this area home. The Red Sea also provides the place to float in the salty waters, which is a strange but inviting past time.


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