Is Flying With Budget Airlines a Good Idea?

Love them or hate them, budget airlines are now a reality we all have to deal with. Though if you find yourself scoffing at people who fly with budget airlines, you might want to reconsider. They might have garnered a bad reputation in recent years, yet for many, budget airlines make international travel an experience they can now enjoy. However, what exactly are the pro’s and cons when it comes to budget airlines, and should you think about using them for your next trip?



This is probably the most obvious thing, and also probably the most important. Budget airlines provide you with the ability to travel across the globe, at prices that are hard to argue with. If you ever found yourself not flying to distant locations such as Israel, because the price was too high, budget airlines now give you the chance to book a flight to Israel at prices so cheap, you’ll have money to spare in the process.


It might sound strange, but budget airlines are actually more flexible than most other high end airlines. More often than not, you’ll find that with the help of a budget airline, you can fly to airports and destinations that aren’t frequented by your usual airline companies.


No Refunds

Budget airlines can be very tight-fisted when it comes to providing refunds on any pre-booked flights. You’ll want to bear this in mind, and remember it should you find yourself considering ticket refunds as a contingency plan, if you’re unable to make your flight.

Baggage Costs

If you’re looking to take a lot of belongings with you when flying budget, you better be prepared for the additional costs. A lot of budget airlines charge extra for taking what some would consider to be normal levels of baggage. Find out what everything could cost you ahead of time, so there aren’t any nasty surprises, and then proceed to looking at the prospect of leaving some stuff behind, should things become too expensive.

Comfort Factor

Budget airlines are just that, budget. So you shouldn’t find yourself getting too disappointed when you’re sitting in a chair that isn’t the most comfortable, or if your every need isn’t being attended to once you’re in the air. As long as you see budget air travel for what it is, this shouldn’t be an issue, and you’ll be able to make the most out of your flight, being happy with the fact that you can fly at bargain prices.

Finally…An Affordable Way to Travel?

In the past, flying around the world used to a luxury reserved only to those who had a bank balance big enough to do so. However with the introduction of budget airlines, flying to your favourite destination is now surprisingly affordable. Whether or not you  agree with the practices of budget airlines, you can’t deny that fact they’re one of the best things available, when it comes to flying to destinations you previously set off limits.

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