How to prepare for a round the world trip

Now that you are finally finished with school, you can do anything your heart desires. You can choose to go off to college to further your education, or you can take time off and see the world. This is the best time in a person’s life to take advantage of the situation and travel, before you are tied down to a full-time job and before you decide on starting a family.

If planning a world trip appeals to you, then you need to be prepared before you go off on your journey. Here are some great tips that will help you get to your goal quickly.

Start to save money

You need enthusiasm if you are planning on doing this, but money is more than likely the main thing that you need to concentrate on. You need to give yourself enough time to gather enough money together for your trip. You should consider getting a full time job so that you can save all your pennies – do this for at least six months! Ask your parents to charge you minimum board so that you can save faster for your trip.

Get insured

Even if you think it is not important – it is! Travel insurance is a must if you are planning on travelling around the world. It is not worth the risk of being stuck in a foreign country with no back up at all. It would be horrible to be stranded with no money or insurance and no way to get to where you need to go. Buy Debenhams travel insurance to get the best option for you and always remember to read the fine print of the policy.

Get a travel partner

Travelling alone can be very exciting, but it is so much more fun if you have someone with you on your adventure. You need to find someone who you like to be around and someone that will not end up irritating the life out of you. The person or people that you choose to take with you will need to have the same sense of adventure as you do. They will also need to have the physical and mental stamina to cope with all the things that go with travelling. You need to be able to trust the person that you are planning on taking with you – very important!

Planning your route is vital

Planning your route is very important. You may be able to visit certain places on your trip, but it does depend on the round-the-world ticket that you intend on buying. Decide on where you would like to go and what countries you would like to visit, and then see if your ticket will allow you to get to where you want to be. Make sure that you do research on the places that you want to visit before you make your final decision.

Only pack the essentials

When you have worked hard to save all the cash that you need and the time is almost here to embark on your journey, stop and think clearly before packing. You will want to pack only what you really need to take with – heavy bags are very difficult to carry around. Remember that you will be buying things while you are travelling and you will need to drag that lot around with you as well. Be wise and minimize!


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