How to keep yourself entertained when travelling

The thought of going someplace new and seeing new people and things will often cause your heart to jump a bit. But sometimes the same cannot be said for the whole journeying process. So much so when travel involves hours and hours of sitting in a plane coupled with a few more hours of a never ending train ride.

Much as you may have a travel companion, there are only so many things that you can talk about before you go through that awkward silence.

Good news… Wi-Fi exists! Thanks to this invaluable resource at airports for instance you can now keep yourself engaged and entertained online. Have a read, listen to some music, play games online or even read bingo news on your tablet or phone while you’re bored when travelling.

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Here are a few examples of how you can keep yourself entertained while travelling:-

  1. Listen To Music

This is probably the best choice if you have to wait long hours for your flight. You can find a wide selection of music on the internet and the best thing is that you can customize your search to give you the kind of music that you really want. Most phones support music players meaning that you can play different formats of music. Some websites also allow you to download songs that you don’t already have on your playlist. Good examples of such sites are Spotify and iTunes. If you are a music enthusiast you need to remember to pack up your headphones or earphones so that you can enjoy your listening experience on your own without disturbing the people around you.


  1. Read A Good Book

Avid readers need not worry about adding a few more kilos to their hand luggage thanks to the numerous books they are carrying. Thanks to eReaders, tablets, and also accessibility to the best android vpn, users can carry around those portable devices and now travel with their all-time favorite reads all packed up in one place. These days tablets allow users to access online bookstores and libraries like Open Library or Wiley via a compatible app. That said, these online libraries often have a cap on the number of titles you can look up over a set duration for example a week. There are so many places where you can find eBooks both free and those that you can purchase.


  1. Get Social On Social Media

The whole world practically lives on social media and trying to deny this is an exercise in futility. Staying connected to social media while travelling is a fantastic way to keep in touch to your close friends and family. Social media also proves to be an valuable tool for finding directions, booking reservations and planning ahead in general. What’s more you can share the nice reads and music you find while travelling with your friends.

  1. Play Online Bingo

You can turn hours of boredom and awkward silence into hours of unlimited fun by playing online bingo. Who knows, you might even while at it and have a lot more to spend while on your travels. What’s not to love about that?

The good news is that you can choose from different types of bingo. You can plant the traditional kind or opt for slots or scratch cards. Most bingo online platforms offer their users the option of starting off from where they had stopped in the event that internet connection is cut off mid-way. There are plenty of new bingo sites with free bonus offers available – have a quick look online and sign up to the one with the best deals.

My favourite site is Fabulous Bingo, but don’t just take my word for it, have a read of Fabulous bingo reviews online to see for yourself.

Traveling need not be a boring affair. Not if you have technology in your hands anyway!




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