How to ensure if a company in the UK is authentic?

Due to technological advancement, the world has come in your grip. You can access any information at any given time with just a few clicks of your fingertip. Since the connectivity nowadays has increased to a great extent, it is not that difficult for you anymore to open up broader connections. Such connections can be networking related to a product or any other service that you are offering to the community.

Taking alerted steps becomes more crucial for you while you are setting up contracts within such questionable business networks. How do you find out that the company you are making a business deal with is fake or real? When you are traveling to the UK for some business purpose or any other purpose per say you need proper guidance.

Steps to look for the basic information about the company

If you are setting up a business deal with a legitimate company, then it is bound to have verifiable information. Check for the fundamental details and keep adding the facts to see they are obvious or not. If you feel you are not getting satisfactory answers to your questions, such doubts will help you raise suspicions about the company. This serves as a plus point for you to keep yourself safeguarded against fake agreements from the company’s end. The two simplest ways to check the basic information include:

  1. Checking the address details

If it is a local business, go around the premises according to the given address and check for the building. Look for shared office and business park spaces.

  1. Verifying the phone number

The primary check of yours shall be verifying the office landline number. You can access the UK Companies Customer Service to get contact details of genuine companies in the United Kingdom. If you are provided with a personal mobile number as the company’s contact, it does not mean it is fake.

However, you cannot completely rely on that and believe that you are in safe hands. You need to be a little alert from getting cheated on. Call on the number provided to you and ask some genuine standard questions about the company in a normal tone. By any chance, it should not seem like you are suspecting the company of some forgery.

Are you sure about the company you are fixing a deal with has a strong social media platform? Does it have a properly maintained official website?

Try looking for specific members of the company on social business platforms like LinkedIn. However, you should also know that if there is no proper website, it does not raise a red flag. You just have to have a more detailed investigation about the authenticity of the company’s existence before fixing a business contract with it.

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