How to do Vegas on a budget

If you think that a weekend in Las Vegas means that you will lose your life savings, then you are 100% wrong! The glittering Strip can be enjoyed on a budget and we have some great tips to keep the spending down. Follow this advice and save loads of cash while in Vegas.


Flights, Accomodation and Extras

Flights from the UK take around 11 hours, and are often the biggest expensive when it comes to paying for your trip. If you look around online and compare prices you’ll find better prices on flights & hotels. If your flight leaves early in the morning, why not book a hotel near the airport so you don’t have to set off 4 hours in advance? Holiday Extras offer Manchester Airport hotels for those flying from up north.

Cheap places to sleep

There is no way around it – a suite at one of the many super fancy hotels will cost you. But right next door to these are affordable casino-hotels where ‘standard’ rooms come with everything from flat-screen TVs to soaking tubs. The Flamingo is a family-friendly hotel and features a gorgeous pool complex. Rooms range from$67-150 per night in high season. The MGM Grand is undergoing a multimillion-dollar style overhaul and if you just for an ‘unrenovated room’ and you will only pay $65 per night, plus tax and the resort fee.

Clever clubbing

It is not necessary that you have to hand out all your hard-earned cash to party on the dance floors in Vegas. Contact a club promoter like Chris Hornak of Free Vegas Club Passes by phone, email or text. He will arrange for free or discounted VIP passes and entry for your party, but it does depend on how many people are with you and what night you want to go.

Women can benefit from clubs, as they often run promotions where women get to drink champagne for free from 9pm-midnight. Watch out for more club promoters that hang around the resorts casino floors – they will offer you free passes to the clubs they represent if they see that you are well dressed.

Downtown deals

You can always go downtown if you are looking to save some cash. It was once a glamorous place, later a sleazy, booze-soaked place where you would not want to be after dark, but downtown is now making a comeback. Downtown is home too stylish but inexpensive eateries and budget-friendly bars.

Take a stroll through Fremont Street, which is free and then go for drunken noodles at the new Le Thai. After that, you must have a $5 cocktail at Fremont East’s fireplace-lit Griffin’s. The Golden Nuggets rooms are between $49 and $159, and the Main Street Station rooms start at only $36 a night.

Happy hour

Instead of spending loads of cash on full priced dinners, happy hour specials at the resorts’ bars and restaurants will save you a bunch of money. Killer vodka cocktails and Russian-inspired small plates go for just $5 each during the ‘Five for Five’ happy hour. Elegant restaurants close by offer similar specials. You need to speak to the people who work in this fabulous place to get great insider tips.

The worst bit about a  holiday is returning home, especially after a long flight. The last time I had a night flight I stayed at one of the Gatwick hotels from, to get some sleep as I had a long drive back up to Manchester the next day and couldn’t face it in one go.

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