The hidden gems of Goa- Its festivals

Goa is an amalgamation of cultures. You can still see the Portuguese influence in their food, homes and even when it comes to celebrating their festivals. Being so culturally diverse, the festivals of Goa is worth visiting. And it’s not just the religious festivals that we are talking about.


There annual Goa Carnival is held right before the fasting period of lent. It is an integral part of the Portuguese culture and you can understand and witness the fun loving side of Goa and its people. There are songs, plays and dances that are performed during this three day festival. Its one colourful even to be a part of with huge parades that are taken out all night.  This three day festival is a perfect reason for a Goa Holiday tour.

The Monte Music Festival is another event that you should attend, if you are on a tour in Goa in November. It’s the ideal festival for music lovers, where there is an amalgamation of not just classical Indian music but also Western classical sounds and is held for four days.  Though the festival has been started just two years ago by the Fundacao Oriente and Cidade de Goa in association with the Kala Academy, it is going to be an annual event every year.

The Feast of the Three Kings is another traditional festival that takes place on January 6 and is popular in the villages of Reis Magos, Cansaulim, Chandor, Quelim and Arrosim. There are also small stalls that sell traditional wares like toys, jewellery, spices etc. It’s a good time to tour Goa.

Shigmotsav is celebrated on a full moon in the month of Feb-March and is a festival abiding farewell to winter. With the arrival of spring, this festival is celebrated with much gusto with songs and colours of the coming season. There are also various floats that you can see which give you an insight of the mythology.

The St. Francis Xavier Feast is celebrated at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa on December 3rd. It is attending by pilgrims from all over the world who visit the basilica to honour the death of St Francis Xavier. There is a grand fair with stalls filled with sweets, spices, jewellery, clothes around the church.

Look around the dates if you are keen on visiting any or all of these special festivities of Goa. SOTC can get you the right mix of sun, fun and the culture of Goa.

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