Galaxy of stars to serene surroundings, California gives you everything

Often referred to as the Golden State, California is among the first destinations that comes to mind on the mention of the term ‘USA tour’. It caters to so many aspects of traveler’s personality that visit to this one state itself suffice your whole tour of the United States. If the glamour of Hollywood attracts you, you are at the right place and if serenity and adventure activities are what pull you towards themselves, California would give you a high. California is a must include destination in your USA package.


Los Angeles is among the prime attractions in California and synonymous with the world of glamour. Though Hollywood is there to enhance the glamour quotient of the place, nature also plays her part in making the place among the most sought after in America as the beaches at the place are renowned the world over and human ingenuity has added its own hue to the place as it has created Disneyland to give joy to the child in you. The surreal beauty of San Francisco oozes its poetry in the form of Golden Gate Bridge and awe inspiring scenery and stunning view would make sure you also start creating your own poetry of life inadvertently. The place must be a part of your USA holiday package. San Diego with its revolutionary architecture and beautiful beaches is another destination that deserves to be a part of your USA tour. Balboa Park is the place that pulls a lot of visitors to San Diego and with its vast green space and museums, the place won’t disappoint you. If you love sunbathing then La Jolla is the place for you and you don’t mind going twenty-two miles to visit the destination. The nature over in you would love Yosemite National Park as this nature’s miracle is still there at its pristine best and Lake Tahoe is there, too, that would cater to the adventurer in you.

You are made to explore the world and it’s time you pay heed to the real purpose of your being. California is among the places that will help you find the real purpose of life as it has so many avenues to explore that you are bound to find what is made for you. As for creating a customized USA tour package, SOTC stands firmly with you.

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