Fun Ways To Book Your Next Holiday

If you are already thinking about your next holiday away, you are not alone. Once all the festive shopping and entertaining is dealt with, most of us feel like we need a good holiday in the sun. Some of us like an adventure packed holiday doing something completely different. Others want to take in awesome landscapes and make the most of some great photo opportunities. Whatever takes your fancy, there has never been more ways of researching, choosing and booking your holiday.

While some of the high street travel agents have disappeared, those that are left are doing a great job in finding holidays for those that prefer to sit down with a specialist. You can negotiate your deals in person, which suits some people. There are some agencies that are tied to particular companies or brands, so be careful to choose someone who has a lot to offer in the area you are most interested in.

Only a generation ago people had to use libraries if they wanted to find out more about a place. It was even worse than that, because libraries had limited opening hours too. There were no supergiants in retail like Amazon, who would stock specialist books and be able to get it to you the next day. And the internet lacked very much at all. TV was restricted to just a few channels, and the boom of 24-hour specialist TV broadcasting had not yet ignited.

Today we can find out what we want immediately, wherever we are. This means our choices about holidays are far more informed. What’s more, we even get to read reviews or see photos from people who have been there and done that. There are lots of travel articles all over the internet and in the glossy magazines that detail everything from the next state over to the far and exotic. We are not only spoilt for choice, we can be fully informed on what to expect and things to do while we are there.

This thirst for knowledge and new-found passion for research has spurned on a wealth of websites. There are glossy mags and national newspapers to produce the information we want too. Travel sections in the tabloids are bigger, and so are the ads offering everything from quick train travel to all-inclusive luxury cruises. Web pages and social media provide with a blow by blow account of every step on the journey to a place that has been documented like a research paper. There is nothing more you could want to know, surely?

While there are so many ways to do the work yourself, researching a place, its restaurants, and accommodation, you can still find places to help you with the booking. Sometimes we just fancy taking off on a whim and enjoying something different. A place we don’t know and can explore is great fun when you are in an adventurous mood. It’s like watching a film without reading the synopsis. You don’t know who is in it, what the story is about or even the genre, until you press play. It is still possible to book holidays like that.

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Some websites are offering a secret service. This doesn’t mean you’ll get your own personal bodyguard while you are away! It is a way of booking by providing only basic information about your needs. Expedia and others are offering secret saver hotel booking. They offer you a hotel without a full address or details of exactly what you are getting until after you have booked. It’s a great way to save a lot of money on some very luxurious accommodation with fabby facilities. Have a go, and see if you can figure out what hotels are hidden by expedia today.

Other fun ways to book your next holiday are to play a spin the bottle type game, that may or may not include alcohol. If you are going with a bunch of friends, get each of you to decide on four choices of country, then four choices of holiday type. You may get Spain, New Zealand, England and United States in the first mix. In the second, there may be water sports, sun soaking, adventure, and cruise. Next choose the type of accommodation each, such as hotel, B&B, chalet, and motor home. Finally, pick your preferred method of getting there, like train, plane, car or boat. Now spin the bottle to see which of the choices get picked. Your next challenge is to incorporate all of them into a single holiday!

If you are going alone or with your family, you may want to take a more measured approach to picking a holiday. It may be that you lack a little inspiration in what to do. There are many holiday websites out there with great articles about every conceivable holiday. If you want a holiday to cater for children and babies, try searching for family holidays in your Google. If you are after a cruise, you may want to choose one by deciding the countries you want to visit first.

If you are looking for something sunny and warm, there are many places in the world to visit, but you might not want to travel too far from home. Again, you can search for your preferred continent or even country. Your search may lead you to plenty of articles detailing all the things you can do there. You may even find some great bargains in your holiday package by picking and choosing your itinerary yourself.

Shopping for anything involves far more research than it used to, and far more choice. This has been great for us as consumers. It forces the companies selling the holidays to accept we are intelligent human beings who know a thing or two about where we are going and what we want to do. We are far less likely to be treated badly or taken for a ride these days. Have a happy hunt for your perfect holiday!

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