European city breaks

City breaks are becoming a more and more popular style of holiday for people young and old. They are easy, convenient and usually not at a high expense. It can be so simple to jump on board a flight at home in the morning and be exploring another city in another country by lunchtime.

Prague is a city that’s on up and coming lists of holiday destinations around the world. It is known for being an unbelievably overwhelming city in terms of culture and history. It has a unique atmosphere with loads for everyone to do. Make sure to explore the city on a tram or boat tour, and if you’re more interested in high-brow fun, don’t miss seeing a classical concert or opera.

For somewhere that has one of the most mixed heritages of all cities in Europe, head to London. It might be renowned for its poor weather, but in reality it’s fairly temperate year round. If you choose somewhere central to stay, such as a Kings Cross hotel, you’ll find that you’re in a great location to expand your holiday to further destinations around Britain, which has great public transport links. You can’t fail to see London’s cultural sightseeing spots, such as Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and the national museums, which are in fact free to visit.

If you’re a history buff, Rome is the perfect city for you. As the ancient hub of the Roman Empire, it’s packed full of interesting ruins and museums filled with artefacts. As you wander the city, you’re bound to come across archaeological sites that are still being excavated. The food is also a major draw for many tourists coming to Rome: with pizza, pasta and wonderful fresh meat and vegetables, you can’t go wrong.

You can’t have a list of city breaks without mentioning Paris, the romantic capital of the world. Known also as being one of the more beautiful cities in Europe, it offers some amazing sightseeing opportunities, from the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame at the Louvre. Take a boat trip down the Seine, or if you’re travelling with kids, spend a day at Disneyland Paris to let them run off a bit of energy

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