Discover all of the Magnificent Things to see and do in Mauritius Away from the Beach

The tropical island of Mauritius is gorgeous and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, there is so much more to discover, and you need to move away from the Coin de Mire Attitude hotel and explore. Although the hotel offers you luxury and excellent facilities, there is a whole island at your feet.

The moment you begin to search for other things to do, you will realise that the island is full of tempting and delightful places. Mauritius has a diverse culture, and a fascinating history that the local people want to share. Although the beaches and waters are stunning, it can be a pleasant change to see more of what is on offer.

Port Louis is the first place that you need to visit as it is steeped in history and culture, enabling you to learn more about the island. There are many different colonial buildings to visit, and historical museums to explore. St Louis Cathedral is stunning, and you should also visit the Jummah Mosque whilst in the city.

Moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should stop off at Ile aux Aigrettes to watch the rare birds and wildlife in a natural habitat. This nature reserve is pretty and helps to protect the endangered birds that are located in Mauritius. If you prefer to be on the water, deep sea fishing is popular.

Depending on the season that you visit will determine what fish are on offer, however, sailfish, bonito and black marlin are all caught in the waters. Under the sea, you will experience a different world, and exploring the coral reefs is phenomenal. The protected marine park that is located off the shore guarantees that the unique sealife and plants thrive.

If you prefer active holidays and want to explore outside the Coin de Mire Attitude hotel, hiking through the Domaine du Chasseur Nature Park may suit you. As you wind your way through the heart of the reserve, following the 30KM trail you will see numerous animals. There are numerous animals that wander through the lush overgrowth, so be prepared to come face to face with one or two.

Shopping is a popular past time in Mauritius and the locals love to haggle, so never be afraid to join in with the haggling. The local markets are a hive of activity, and you will be amazed at what you can find in these markets. Every Monday is the Mahebourg market which is considered the least touristy and has some fascinating goods for sale.

Regardless of why you have chosen to visit Mauritius, you will never tire of exploring away from the beaches. Although the white sandy beaches are ideal for relaxing, you will feel cheated if you do not explore some of the local sights. Venturing further afield is not difficult, and the locals are always there to offer advice and friendly tips.


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