Cruise Ship Cabins – A Guide for First Timers

If you are about to travel on a cruise for the first time, you are in for an exciting journey that is cushioned with luxury. Whether your cruise is a mini trip around the Mediterranean, or an around the world adventure, choosing the right cabin can make all the difference to your experience.

Your cruise ship cabin choice should be based on the number of people you are sharing a room with, the importance you place on certain personal comforts, and your budget.

Choosing the Right Size

Cruise ship cabins come in a variety of sizes. The smaller ones are ideal for those on a budget, while the larger ones offer the ultimate in travel luxury. If you are on a budget and alone, or traveling with one person, you can choose a small two-person cabin and save a lot of money. However, if you are with young children, a family suite that can accommodate you and your brood will stop you from all feeling cooped up. When considering size, pay attention to your outdoor space needs. If a personal outdoor area is important to you, choose a cabin that comes with a balcony. On Royal Caribbean cruise liners, you can choose a state room that features separate living and dining areas; this is essential if you value your personal space. On some liners, there are even upstairs areas.

Choosing the Right Location

The majority of cruise ships are vast. As such, you can choose a cabin that is situated near to the amenities that mean the most to you. For example; if you have young children, being close to the pool and any play areas could be essential. If you have mobility issues, you should focus on being close to a lift. If you tend to feel seasick, choosing a cabin that is low and in the middle can prevent you from feeling nauseous. If you are a light sleeper, take care not to pick a cabin underneath the lido deck. If views matter to you, the higher you can get, the better. However, with height usually comes steeper prices.

Choosing a Cabin According to Budget

Many popular cruise liners, such as Celebrity Cruises, place their better quality cabins at the highest point on the ship. By doing this, they can create more room for the luxury features they include. As these cabins are so luxurious, they come at a higher cost. If you want to save money, start to look lower down. If the size of your cabin puts you off, consider whether you are likely to be in there too often anyway; the chances are, you will be exploring the ship and the world outside. A smaller room for the sake of saving money could well be worth it.

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