Why China Should Be Your First Asian Trip Stop

Well the major travel agencies have actually also already caught on to it, that being the fact that China is perhaps the best place to kick-off any trip you might be going on that will have you visiting several countries across Asia. There are several reasons for this so next time you do indeed plan to hit a few countries in the East, China should definitely be your very first stop.


Gateway to Asia

It’s mostly an unofficial travel and tourism status that has cultural origins, but yes, China is indeed the gateway to Asia. Think about it — what’s the first country that pops into your mind when anybody mentions Asia? It is indeed China, but this travel and tourism status of China being the gateway to Asia spawned from the historical times when a lot of people now making up a lot of the other Asian countries can trace their origins and ancestry back to China. The trade routes which developed as a result left reaffirming traces of these origins behind, such as the regional border-control mechanisms put in place, which are rather favourable between the neighbouring and nearby countries.

Lots to See and Do

If for some reason you find yourself stuck in China and cannot continue with your plans to visit some of the other East Asian countries, by no means would this be a train-smash. The mainland isn’t just a huge mass of land that’s full of nothingness beyond the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc. There is a whole lot to see and do in China — a whole lot, so not being able to continue your Asian tour won’t be anything close to being stuck or stranded.

There are cultural experiences galore beyond the biggest of China’s cities just waiting to be explored. If you happen to get started before moving on to the next country, you’ll probably want to make some time to come back to China as your only destination on the next vacation.

Cheap Entry Point into the East

Well it’s as simple as China being the cheapest place to fly to internationally, so it would just make financial sense to fly into China as your entry point into the east. Granted, China itself is a huge country so you might be tempted to fly domestically as well, but the domestic air travel scene is in stark contrast to the international one in terms of the costs. So once you’re in China you best make use of other modes of transports to get around and you can also make use of these different modes of transport to get to other surrounding countries.

China is indeed serviced by many airlines and other transport services, so you’ll likely enjoy a wider choice and it is this competition which contributes greatly to making China the cheapest international destination to fly to. Another contributing factor is the fact that a lot of Chinese tourists constantly visit other countries all over the world, whether for leisure purposes or as expatriate business people who periodically go home to visit family.

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