Caribbean Cruises: Romance on the high seas

The Caribbean is officially the most popular cruise destination the world over, and cruise holidays dominate a large percentage of the tourism market there. From enjoying on-board entertainment to relaxing on stunning Caribbean beaches, there really is something for everyone in this part of the globe.

One of the biggest draws for many cruise passengers is the romance factor. And, you’ve got to admit, there’s something incredibly alluring about the idea of sailing off into the sunset with your significant other.

What makes a cruise romantic?

Well, that really all depends on which cruise line you book with and what you do during your cruise. Certain cruise lines can be more romantic than others. Take, for example, the following cruise companies:

Princess Cruises

This cruise line specialises in romantic cruises, with cosy cabins and candlelit dinners being the norm on board.

P&O Cruises

P&O actually has some cruise ships that are adults-only, so guests don’t need to worry about noisy children running around all the time. It also offers luxury dining options and weddings can be held at sea.

Crystal Cruises

It’s impossible not to come over all romantic on a Crystal cruise. The huge penthouse suites are the ideal option for those in need of some quality time spent with their partner.

Celebrity Cruises

Some of the newer ships in Celebrity’s fleet cater to adults only. Couples can find lots of things to do on-board as well, such a wine tasting and relaxing by the pool on double-sized loungers.

It’s not just your choice of cruise line that makes the experience enchanting though. You can also ramp up the romance by making the most of cruise traditions and experiencing the elements at sea. If you’re trying to set the mood, consider the following things:

1)      Old fashioned traditions

As mentioned, the traditions on a cruise can make your holiday all the more special. You and your partner can get dressed up to the nines and enjoy a delicious dinner together, before dancing the night away to relaxing jazz and a Frank Sinatra-esque singer.

2)      Exciting shore excursions

Experiencing an amazing getaway together will already be thrilling, but getting to set foot on land and explore tucked-away towns as a couple will make your cruise even better.

3)      Starry nights

Stargazing can be the perfect way to spend a night together, especially as you can lie on the deck and look straight up into the sky. Every single star will be visible and you can show each other the different constellations before retiring to your cabin.

Caribbean cruises have long been a favourite with couples seeking romantic getaways. What do you think makes this destination and cruises in general so romantic?

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