Caravan vs. Hotel Holidays: Counting the Costs


Whether you’re thinking of going abroad or staying somewhere local, there’s always one thing to consider before making a decision. It isn’t what you’re going to pack, if your passports are in order or even where you’re going. It’s how much it’s going to cost you.

For families, counting the pennies is now more important than ever. Not only do you have to worry about the cost of travelling, you also have to weigh up how light your wallet will be when shelling out for food, drink, entertainment for the kids and many other expenses that only occur to you when you arrive. The costs can mount up really quickly without you even realising.

This is why many families are trying to trim costs wherever they can when they take a break and why so many are opting for caravan holidays. Some even prefer to take their holidays in hotels too, but what are the prices like in comparison?

Caravan Holidays

One of the great things about taking a caravan, and it’s a sentiment repeated time and again, is that it can truly feel like a home from home. With all the home comforts usually already furnished inside them, there’s no reason to panic pack a microwave at the last minute. There’s usually plenty of room to bring all the technology you can’t live without, too.

What are the costs like, though? Well, whether you’re renting or outright buying a caravan, it’s actually relatively cheap. From a renting perspective, you can enjoy a week of relaxation from a low price and not have to worry about troublesome add-ons like room service, the minibar, paying extra for WiFi (although this depends on the caravan park) that really can take a toll on your piggy bank.

As for buying a caravan, the appeal lies in the fact that it’s an escape route for when you need it to the most. Searching for a weekend away after a tough week at work? Just pack up your things and take a breath at your home from home. Although buying a caravan for sometimes thousands of pounds might seem like a stretch to begin with, the cost makes sense over the years as you often take time out and enjoy your mini-holidays away from the stresses of the 9-5.

Hotel Holidays

Unless you’re going away just for a couple of days, the cost of staying at a hotel – especially with a large family – might leave you feeling a little short-changed. However, you can still find some hotels that offer deals for families and it’s always worth talking to management about cost-cutting if you’re thinking of taking an extended break.

It’s doubtful that you will be able to fit the entire family in one room, so you might be looking at paying for two or more rooms a night. When you consider that average hotel prices have increased by 30% over the past couple of years, it could be stretch too far for your bank balance. That’s without even considering paying for nights out and entertainment.

Statistics released in 2012 showed that the cost of an overnight hotel stay, an evening meal of steak and chips, cocktails and a taxi back to the hotel is as much as £264.71 in places like London, and that’s without considering the children, too. Unless you have cash to burn, you might be looking at a very short break with the family when you take a hotel holiday. Don’t forget the costs aforementioned amenities costs of hotels either.

There are benefits and negatives for choosing either a hotel or caravan holiday, but the smart money is on you being smart with your money and opting for a caravan break instead. A holiday shouldn’t have to break the bank and although it might not have the same marquee allure as a getaway to an exotic location, staying regional is becoming the popular choice for many.

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