Canada for the Guys

Guys holidays should be about adventure, risk-taking and ultimately lots of fun away from home, so what better place to head than to the wilderness world of Canada. From its sprawling forests to the urban gem cities surrounded by mountains. Canada holds a wealth of adventure activities, adrenaline-filled nights, and relaxing days; so here is your one-stop post about how to get the most from your guy’s holiday to Canada.

Head for an evening at the Casino

Canada is not the first place you would consider for a night out at a casino, but there are many beauties to be found along your travels. None more so than the Seneca Casino Niagra Falls; gaming and stunning views, what more could you possibly need from a night out. This casino boasts some of the best classic gaming tables, from Poker all the way through to Roulette. While away the evening trying your hand at your favorite games and hopefully you will win big.

Also on site is a fantastic restaurant with views of the famous falls and cocktails to die for. You won’t need to leave the complex to get all the ingredients for a perfect guy’s night out. The advice would be to practice your gaming first using Betsson online casino games or similar.

Spend the day learning to dogsled

You will never be far from the snow in Canada, so what better thing to do than to spend the day taking a dog sled tour around the beautiful countryside? This may not sound like an adrenaline-pumping adventure, but trust us it really is. Dogsledding is fast, not easy to control, and will give you hours of laughs. The best way to take part in this activity is to choose a specific tour, such as KingMik Dog Tours. This dedicated dog sled tour group will take you through a variety of routes through some of the most beautiful countrysides. Their most popular tour is the Great Divide Tour, which takes you through 10 miles of natural parks, with plenty of stops to take photographs and the chance to take the reins on the way back; it really is the perfect day’s adventure. The total journey takes between 1 and 2 hours.

Do a little bit of exploration

As Canada could be considered a country with beautiful cities and lush greenery, there may be a lot of places like forests, reserves, and national parks that you could go to with your friends. With activities such as camping or glamping, extreme sports, backpacking, and many more, you could create some great memories in places you haven’t been to before. There may also be many routes to go on road trips as well so you discover newer places. And if you like to unwind with the help of recreational marijuana, you could Order Bud Online to take on your trips. As it could heighten the effects of what you experience, you might want to come back to Canada again to relive those memories.

Take to the water for a day of float rafting

There are hundreds of beautiful spots in Canada and one of those is the Rocky Mountains and the canyons that are created by them. One of the best ways to get up close and personal with these beauties is to take a rafting tour through the winding canyons. Even though traditional rafting is fun, there are much more spectacular ways that you can take a boat through the canyons, like a giant inflatable raft. There are many tour companies offering us the chance to get up close and personal with the Rocky Mountains, but one to be highlighted is the Hoodoo Tour offered by Rocky Mountain Raft Tours. This 1 hour tour in an inflatable craft will take you through some of the most winding and spectacular canyons on offer.






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