Camping in Wales

There are many different ways to camp, and what better place to do this than in the lush landscapes of Wales. When thinking of camping the first thing that springs to mind is in a sleeping bag in a tent, but this is not the only way it can be done!

The first of these ways is in a tipi! Very similar to a tent but more round in shape and cone-like, a tipi is best for those that enjoy outdoor living. A great place to stay with friends and family as there is lots of space in them to stand up and move around. Not only that but their laterns and Native American designs will provide an exciting and different atmosphere to what you are used to. That coupled with the chiminea, you will be sure to have a warm and comfortable night.

Similar these are yurts, although these are often slightly bigger they are also built in a circular shape and supported by wood. However they differ greatly to your average tent as instead of sleeping on the floor, a yurt is spacious enough to hold a bed, for the more luxurious camping experience! As well as the beds the log burning fire will make sure you have a comfortable and fun holiday!
For those who like things even more luxurous, african safari tents are available. More of a lodge than a tent, this unique experience will supply you with heated bedroom and underfloor heating, so shelter from the Welsh weather. Not only that but the lodges also come with a fully functional bathroom and hot tub, so it won’t feel like you are camping at all! These are located in the grounds of the Pentre Mawr Country House.
Again for those that are not used to camping an alternative is available, you can get someone to do all the work for you! Not Just Another Tent will put up a tent for you fitted out with everythoing you will need to have a fun filled night in the Pembrokeshire country.
If tents are not really your thing then there are other alternatives, such as campervans, and there are many parks that will happily accomodate them all across Wales, so its a great way to travel around and see the sights. If you don’t have a campervan yourself there are companies that you can hire them from, such as Scampervan. These are remodelled VW’s and their attention to detail will make sure you have a great holiday no matter what you plan to do. Or if it style you are after Mazda Bongo can provide you with a campervan that is suitable for all types of holidays, be it couples, families or friends.
Similar to a campervan but with a twist is the Log Pod, these are unique cabins that are filled with comfort and quality, that can be towed by a vehicle so therefore you can move from place to place yet still have that homely feel wherever you go.
If its authenticity you are after then a Romany caravan is the place to you, although it also comes with all the modern luxeries next door, the caravan will provide you with the sort of holiday that you would never have experienced before, and it will be something to tell your friends.
So there are many different ways to camp in Wales, you just have to find the one that suits you best!

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