Camping Ideas in and Around Catania, Sicily

Camping Ideas in and Around Catania, Sicily

Found on the east coast of Sicily is the beautiful provincial capital of Catania. This flourishing Italian city looks out over the Ionian Sea and is a hub of culture, art, education and tourism. The region has an impressive history; over the years it has been destroyed by earthquakes, been rebuilt, and has witnessed the opening of Sicily’s first university. Its economic achievements aside, this amazing location is a fantastic place to go camping. Here are some great ways to enjoy the area, when camping in and around Catania.

See the City

The marvellous cathedral of Catania stands proud, in the centre of the city


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Campers have a great opportunity to use their site as a base, and venture off in whatever direction they desire. The region of Catania offers a wonderful chance to head into civilisation, and visit the homonymous capital city of the province.

The incredible history of the city has already been mentioned, and there’s no doubt that the strong Roman influence makes the whole province a wonderful place to see. Catania is filled with hundreds of churches and cathedrals, all displaying wonderful Roman Italian architecture. Fans of sculpture and art will greatly appreciate a trip into the city.

The Baroque city centre of Catania is actually listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has some breath-taking buildings and structures. Campers who are keen on ancient history should see the famous amphitheatre, the Odeon of Catania, the Achillean Baths, and the city’s magnificent cathedral.

Sleep on the Sand

Sicily is the largest island in the whole of the Mediterranean Sea, and the coastline spans for hundreds of miles, through sand beaches and rocky cliffs alike. The proud owner of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, Catania is located right on the eastern coast of the island. Campers staying in and around Catania should take the opportunity to visit the beautiful sands, and take a swim in the clear blue waters. Those looking for a memorable coastal experience could pitch their tents on the sand, and spend their nights watching the tide, and their mornings seeing the sunrise.

Head for the Hills

Mount Etna stands in the background, as the photographer captures some magnificent Greek ruins in the Catanian Mountains.

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The region of Catania, and the whole island of Sicily, is famous for its magnificent mountains and rolling hills. Campers wanting to set up in a more remote location can enjoy the breath-taking views that the area has to offer. The hills can be enjoyed via bike or foot, and there are a great number of trails that visitors can experience, ranging in difficulty and reward; the whole region is a satisfying challenge for avid hikers and walkers.

A great idea for those who want to take a walk on the wild side is to visit the nearby Mount Etna. Don’t be fooled by its name, this is no ordinary mountain; Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes! A beautiful expanse of vineyards and orchards can be enjoyed by camping visitors on its lower slopes as its fertile volcanic soil is perfect for agriculture. Climbing higher up the mountain will reward adventurers with an unparalleled view for miles, stretching out to the Ionian Sea.

A Warm Climate, a Warm Culture

The Mediterranean climate lends itself perfectly to camping in and around Catania. The region is well known for its hot weather and low rainfall during the summer months. Despite moderate rainfall in the autumn and lower temperatures during the spring and autumn seasons, Catania is a fantastic place to camp all year round. The region has so much to see and do whatever the weather. The amazing historical buildings and ruins have already been mentioned, along with the beautiful mountains that look just as gorgeous on a clear winter’s day.

Campers may be tempted to stick to tinned food, and the supplies they have packed, but those who want to try the local cuisine will not regret it. Catania has some unique dishes such as a pasta dish called ‘pasta alla Norma’. This lovely meal is made from macaroni-style penne, thick slices of aubergine, a salty ricotta all covered in a tomato sauce. The second famous food is a dish called ‘Granita’, which is a popular flavoured sherbet, thought to have come from the city. Campers who are willing to try new things may wish to sample the horse meat in the region; normally the meat is cooked on coals in the streets, and sold to locals and tourists alike!


Catania is a region that has a rich abundance of things to see and do. Its rich history, mixed with its vibrant culture and phenomenal landscapes make it the perfect place to go for your next camping holiday. All year round, there is plenty to see and do in and around Catania, so pack your sleeping bag, and book your tickets today.

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