Camping holidays with a difference

The idea of going on a camping holiday tends to make people jump one way or another. Either they love the outdoor life and they’re filled with enthusiasm for nights under canvas and under the stars, or they can’t bear the thought of the basic level of camping life and wouldn’t contemplate it as a way of spending their long awaited holiday.

For those who fall in the latter camp – excuse the pun! – there’s good news, as there’s now a comfortable and luxurious way to spend time on a holiday park. Many parks not only offer mobile homes for rent for those who don’t enjoy trudging to the communal block to use the bathroom and washing up facilities, but they also have holiday lodges for rent too. Holiday lodges really represent a home away from home in terms of comfort levels. Kitchens are fully fitted and equipped with appliances like microwaves and dishwashers and bedrooms often have ensuite facilities. There are so many places around the world that provide lodges to stay in, that’s whether you’re looking for mountain rental cabins or something that’s a little more down to earth that includes a luxurious hot tub.

When booking holiday lodges UK consumers have a great variety of choice as holiday parks up and down the nation offer them for rent. And one of the big advantages of staying on a holiday park is that they are generally in beautiful locations and you’ll also be able to make use of all the communal facilities such as heated swimming pool complexes and restaurants and entertainment such as kids’ clubs.

This way, if the weather lets you down, there’s still plenty to do to keep everyone amused, whereas if you stay at a private holiday home, you often don’t get such great facilities at your disposal.

For today’s more fragile camper, the holiday lodge offers a perfect mix of the social advantages of being on a campsite along with the comfort pluses of being in a house rather than under canvas.

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