Best sporting holiday destinations

Sporting holidays are becoming increasingly popular with tourists looking for something unique and alternative to a week on a beach. If you ask me there are 2 types of sporting holidays: there is the one where you participate in the sport and work up a sweat or the other where you watch, observe and enjoy your favourite sport.

Whatever suits your taste, there is a sporting holiday for you, whether it’s travelling across the border or enjoying the beauty that the UK has to offer – I guarantee you that choosing a sporting holiday will not disappoint.

Whether you’re travelling as an individual, a couple, family or group sporting holidays guarantee a fun-filled exhilarating experience. Sporting holidays are a great choice as it allows you to experience the outdoors and sports you may have never tried.  A so called ‘rite of passage’ if you’re a keen cyclist is to ride the coast to coast, usually from Whitehaven to Sunderland usually lasting about 4-5 days.

The C2C ride allows you to experience the fantastic scenery, the jaw-dropping hills and visit quaint towns throughout the ride allowing you to encounter the true wonders of England.  If this is slightly too intense, why not spend a few days in Sunderland and relax and unwind after your tour.  If for your sporting holiday you would enjoy watching sport rather than participating yourself, a great choice would be to visit France for the Tour De France. The atmosphere in France throughout the tour is truly exhilarating and a great encounter for any cycling fanatic, why not increase the excitement of your holiday by betting on youwin on your favourite cyclist – if you’re lucky your odds may be in!

A thrilling sport holiday that I definitely recommend is to visit British Columbia’s ‘Red Mountain’. It is said to have Canada’s steepest and most challenging slopes but now the destination has beginner’s slopes making Canada a great option for both novice and intermediate skiers. A great aspect about sporting holidays is to try something new and this ski resort most definitely guarantees a unique and memorable trip. Even if you have never skied before, there are instructors on hand to help ease you in. The breath-taking views and luxury cabins make visiting Canada a must for all thrill-seekers. This ski resort is also a great option if you simply wish to just enjoy the sites and watch professional skiers, time you trip with one of the annual competitions and sit back and relax and enjoy watching the professionals.

Whether you’re an ultimate thrill-seeker looking for an extreme sporting holiday or simply wishing to enjoy your favourite sport in a different environment, there is so much to choose from when it comes to sporting adventures. There are hundreds of sporting vacations to choose from whether it’s staying in England or abroad. Active holidays are great choice for families, children are kept active, entertained and are also keeping fit. So why not try something different today and book a sporting holiday!

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