Beach-perfect accessories: What’s in your beach bag?

Looking good on the beach can be harder than it looks – models don’t tell you about the hair-disrupting winds, blazing-hot sands, chilly breezes, burnt noses and  Marilyn Monroe moments of wind-swept dresses!

To help you win in the battle of babe vs. beach, check out our wise selection of beach bag accessories to ensure you look good, feel good and are protected against the suns UV rays.

I Love these coral red Ray Ban wayfarers shades from Red Hot Sunglasses. They are available in a range of colours including black and marble but we particularly love the distinctive tortoiseshell frames which add sophistication and uniqueness to any beachwear outfit. Team-up with an un-patterned bikini or swimsuit to accentuate their quirky design.



Available from Boots, the Dior Bronze anti-ageing sun care range is one of the most moisturising and tan-enhancing on the market. Combining a patented formula of super anti-oxidants, Coleus and SPF 15 UV protection, the serum stimulates your skins defence proteins for a better tan and better protection against potentially harmful rays. Make sure you apply every few hours to ensure your tan lasts as long as possible once you’re home.



For taking those all-important holiday snaps, Clifton Cameras stock the easy-to-use Canon IXUS 125. It is lightweight, powerful and neatly packaged in a slim metal body so perfect for storing in your bag. It is resistant to knocks, bumps and scratches and great for ad-hoc beach photos. Plus, waterproof casings are available for this model so you can take creative mid-dive shots or the capture the local marine life on film.


The ever-popular animal print has made a chic comeback in the form of the maxi dress. The sophisticated halterneck design is ideal for keeping in your beach bag and popping on after a day of sun-worshipping on the shoreline. It is easily rolled up and is crinkle-free; perfect for stopping off for a cheeky cocktail after a day at the beach!


From the leading designers at French Connection comes this fabulous wide-brimmed hat for a stylish beach look. The semi-sheer woven floppy design will certainly added a touch of glamour to any coastline outfit and shades your delicate eyes from the bright sun.

We hope you have a wonderful time on your beach hol and take plenty of snaps to make those back home jealous! Aside from the photos, don’t forget you can always remind yourself of those sunny beachfront days by looking in your bag… you will be finding sand in there forever!


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