Are Cruise Holidays Suitable For Only Older People, Or Younger People Too?

Cruises are very popular, especially with the older generation. Although some young people may fancy going on a cruise, many put it off because they’re afraid they won’t fit in. A lot of people believe that cruises are exclusively for older people, but is that the case?

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Are Cruise Holidays Suitable For Younger People?

Cruise ships offer an extremely varied holiday. Couples are considering cruises, families are considering cruises, and the older generation are considering taking their children/grand children along with them on cruises. Some people still worry that cruises are for older people, but with such a great choice of things to do cruises are suitable for anyone!

In recent years, people from all kinds of generations have been climbing aboard and setting sail, so the number of family-friendly ships out there is rising. Families can enjoy a cruise holiday because each generation is able to enjoy their freedom and take part in activities that suit them.

Once the day is over, families and friends can then meet up for dinner and chat about what they’ve done over one of the cruises entertainment evenings. If you ensure that the ship you’re going on has facilities for both young and old, then there should be no problems at all when away on your holiday.

Royal Caribbean is a good cruise company that caters for all, just remember that you’ll be sharing your holiday with over 6000 people as it’s one of the largest cruise ships in the world! You can opt to holiday on a smaller cruise ship though, such as the Freedom of the Seas.

There are even cruise ships out there that have water slides and play parks to keep the kids occupied. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your holiday; there’s a tranquil relaxation deck and spa for adults, too.

These kinds of ships also offer family rooms that can take parents and as many as 3 children, cabins that have connecting doors, and even suites with a living room and sofa bed.

Olsen cruise lines are the most popular with the more mature generation, however people still take their children/grand children aboard and have a great time.

There’s plenty for children, young adults and even adults that aren’t quite classed as “old” to do. Everyone can have fun exploring when the ship is in port, and when everyone is on the ship you can choose from relaxing in the hot tub, taking a swim in the pool, enjoying a drink at the bar, having a treatment in the spa and making a splash at the water park. On some bigger ships there may even be cinemas, bowling alleys and library’s!

You can get the best cruise deals at, so don’t miss out. There’s plenty to do on a cruise holiday for young and old, but to make the most out of your holiday you should research the cruise liner you’re thinking of booking with first to make sure it has the best and most varied facilities.

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