Antigua’s best beaches

Mentioning the Caribbean to any person brings thoughts of white sun-kissed sandy beaches with a cloudless sky and clear blue waters. Antigua is among the most popular Caribbean tourist destinations with several beautiful beaches for one to choose from. The trouble that most people may have is deciding on which ones to visit while visiting the place. Some hotels such as the Hermitage Bay Antigua have their own beaches with glistening white sand to lie down and relax on. To make sure you get to see as many of these beaches as possible, it is important to visit Antigua and its gorgeous beaches. Perhaps some people might even want to stay in a villa. If that’s the case, visit to see some of the villa accommodation options. Regardless of where you stay, these beaches will definitely be worth the trip over to Antigua.

Below are some of Antigua’s most popular beaches for couples as well as young families.

Half Moon Bay

The Half Moon Bay is a curve of white and pink sand located on the east coast of the Caribbean island. A reef is what protects this bay from the powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a quiet place and sometimes it is almost deserted. It is therefore an ideal destination for those people who just want to relax in the sun, away from noise and hustles and bustles of daily life. It is a 45 minutes drive from St. Johns.

The beach does not have any organized activities but just has a small bar a short distance inland.

Dickenson Bay

This is a mile-long stretch of the typical golden Caribbean sand. It has numerous hotels and beach bars which provide refreshments throughout, whether it is daytime or in the evening. Further south at the Runaway Bay, the crowds are thinner with less activities hence suitable for those who just want to watch but not indulge in most of the beach activities. Tourists can also ride on glass-bottomed boats. The beach has numerous places for eating and drinking. It also quite accessible as it has a well developed public transport system with numerous taxis.

Pigeon Point Beach

The Pigeon Point Beach sits right at the entrance to the Falmouth harbor and it is among the best family beaches on the Caribbean island. During weekdays, this sandy beach is quiet and mainly occupied by the hotel residents. On weekends, however, one can hardly find space as it is packed with local families who visit to have fun at this unique place that is characterized by calm shallow water. No water sports are played on the beach. This is advantageous especially for those who visit with young swimmers. The only bar here serves simple meals during daytime and cocktails in the evening hours. The beach can easily be accessed by taxi.

Jolly Beach

This beach is exactly as its name suggests. The beach is a mile-long stretch of sparkling white sand that is fringed by palm trees and clean water. It is surrounded by headlands. It has numerous local hotels to accommodate most of the tourists that visit. There is room for all those who tour the beach. The available beach rentals provide both the kayaks and pedalos for the tourists. It also has a snack bar to provide refreshments that may be served under the umbrella shadows for those who like. The only major downside to this beach is the fact that it cannot be accesses using public transport. One must therefore take a taxi to get to the place.


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