A Quick Overview of the 11 Beautiful Villages in Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is part of a group of islands known as the Ionians, located in the Ionian Sea. Kefalonia may not be as well known as other Greek islands, such as of Zante, Corfu, and Lefaks, but if you take some time to explore this island, you will discover a stunning holiday destination. If you’re interested in finding out more about what Kefalonia has to offer, see my guide below for of 11 of its most beautiful villages:

1. Assos

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Located 36 km north of Argostoli, this small village is situated on a peninsula and only has around 100 inhabitants. The ruins of a 16th century Venetian castle stand over this charming location and can be accessed through a beautiful olive tree forest.

2. Agia Efimia

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 Around 32 km northeast of Argostoli you will find the small fishing port of Agia Efimia. The beautiful architecture, sandy beaches and attractive paved street make this one of the more popular villages to visit. You can choose from a wide selection of restaurants and taverns that overlook the picturesque bay.

3. Argostoli

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With around 14,000 inhabitants, Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia. The main cobbled street is full of colourful shops, and above the main square are the Botanical Gardens, which are a must-see attraction. The town also has the Archaeological Museum of Kefalonia, which houses a wonderful collection of Hellenistic, Roman and Mycenaean findings.

4. Kourkoumelata 

This beautiful village, located around 10 km from Argostoli, was devastated by the 1953 earthquake that affected the whole of the island. It has since been rebuilt and features neoclassical style buildings and stunning, carefully laid out gardens.

5. Fiscardo

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Around 50 km north of the capital lies the idyllic waterside village of Fiscardo. One of the few villages to survive the 1953 earthquake relatively untouched, the welcoming shops and bars make this a popular location for tourists. The Natural Environment Museum is located above the waterfront and is worth exploring.

6. Sami

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Sami is the second largest port on the island, after the capital Argostoli. The village runs boat trips to Patra, Ithaca and Italy. The ancient part of Sami sits alongside the modern buildings that were constructed after the 1953 earthquake. The village is surrounded by stunning scenery and has underground lakes and awe inspiring caves, along with the monastery of Agrilia.


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This small fishing village can be found on the southeast coast, between Skala and Lourdas. The traditional harbour offers a selection of taverns and restaurants which sit next to colourful fishing boats and yachts.

8. Lixouri

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The second largest village on the island, Lixouri can be found about 30 km west of the capital. The modern bars and quaint traditional cafes make it a firm favourite with visitors. The village is known for its rich tradition, and many festivals take place in these friendly streets. The oldest philharmonic school in Greece is also located here.

9. Svoronata 

On the south side of Kefalonia lies the pretty village of Svoronata. The village is located near to the main airport, and has many white sandy beaches to choose from. The friendly taverns, crystal-clear water and lush green hillsides, make this a truly beautiful place to visit.

10. Lourdas

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Nestled on a hillside lies the picturesque village of Lourdas. The golden sand beaches and striking lush forests make this a perfect place to enjoy some rest and relaxation. If you’re more of an activity person, the village has great mountaineering trails and numerous bars and outside cafes to choose from.

11. Poros

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With a long harbour lined with cafes and taverns, the port of Poros is a popular destination for many tourists. Many archeological digs have taken place near to the village, as it has a rich history and many historical attractions, such as the 1,200 year old Atros monastery, and the remains of a Mycenaean tomb. If you’re looking for accommodation on the island, then there’s a great selection of hotels, apartments and self-catering options. Take a look at RentIn Kefalonia for great deals on local accommodation.

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