A quick guide to Las Vegas

Las Vegas city is a city like no other in the world. Crowned as the entertainment capital, get spoiled with plenty of fun choices to choose from. You can choose to go on a shopping spree or gamble yourself some money.

You can also choose to go on nightlife or rather fine dine yourself depending on your tastes and preferences. A tourist is never an accomplished one until he/she has been to Las Vegas. Built with five-star resorts complete with world- class restaurants such as the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Vegas has since grown to be a major tourist destination point.

The world’s number one premier spot is crowned to the north-western side with a world full of fun and activities. Welcome to the Reno-Tahoe Territory where you can have it all. Get yourself spoiled with plenty of activities to choose from. You can choose to take a trip to the past by visiting the historical sites or engaging yourself in an outdoor recreational activity. Some of the outdoor activities include the famous Street Vibrations as well as the Classic cars. These are the major motor cycle as well as motor car events that usually occur in Las Vegas. When such big events occur, Las Vegas is usually taken a notch higher in a world full of fun and activities.

The Reno’s downtown area is highlighted with the River Truckee as well as the Whitewater Park. The district is continously being revamped and it now includes a beer crawl as well as a wine walk to help fill up your Saturday afternoons. Take care of your stomach needs by treating yourself at Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse and the Fin Fish at the Grand Sierra Resort. The Summit and Cabela form the outdoor shops for your shopping needs.

Take yourself to the more than 70 miles of the shoreline of Lake Tahoe. Treat yourself to the recreational activities taking place on the shoreline. There is hiking, biking as well as golfing activities taking place at the shoreline. Alternatively, you can also get to enjoy the blue color of the water body. You can also get to go for snowshoeing as well as snowboarding during the winter periods of the year. To the southern side of the lake is where the casinos are located. The famous nightlife of Nevada also takes place here.

For the lovers of history, Virginia City is a must go tourist destination. Take a trip to the historical past of Las Vegas by visiting the historical sites. The Carson Valley is a good example. The Gardnerville and the Minden also form an alternative to a guide to Las Vegas. They are ripe with the Nevada nostalgia and form the oldest watering hole for Nevada.

On the other side, Las Vegas offers a completely different world to the visitors. The Las Vegas strip is completely lined with flashy mega- resorts to help take care of your daily urban life needs. Venture past the dazzling lights to buildings that are a destination unto themselves! Welcome to the Las Vegas strip!

The place is adorned with very magnificent amenities bursting with life and fun. This is the famous shopping point of Las Vegas city. Plenty of boutiques are lined up there for the fashionistas.

For instance, there is the Caesar’s Palace as well as the designer boutiques near the Forum Shops. Las Vegas is a place full of fun. Each day, it offers totally new experiences for the people visiting the place!


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