A Guide to Moving to Nigeria for Newbies

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Since Britain gave Nigeria its independence well over 50 years ago now, the West African nation has progressed beyond all expectations. Now becoming a hub for social and political change, the workforce in this area is particularly strong, and even the technological markets are perceived as very appealing indeed. So, if you’re seriously considering moving to this emerging country, there are probably many questions you need answering. Well, luckily for you I spent some time living in Nigeria during my early 20’s and am more than capable of filling you in on some of the most important elements you’ll need to consider when purchasing a property there.

Have a quick read through this guide and hopefully you’ll be a little more clued up about what you can expect from life in this ex-British colony.

Finding Somewhere To Live

Buying a home is much simpler in Nigeria than it is at home in the UK. There are far less people to pay and much reduced paperwork to complete, so there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to acquire a home in just a few days. That said, the laws are a little different in this region, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a good solicitor to hand to ensure you spend your money both wisely and legally. Try looking for homes for sale in Nigeriapropertycentre.com.

Finding Somewhere To Work

Although most expats who move to Nigeria work within the oil and gas industry, there are many other opportunities for those with a little vision. Just be careful as this nation is known for its cons and scams, so take some time to thoroughly research any company that you consider working for to make sure they’re not involved in anything illegal. If you’re living and working in the country, you too are expected to follow their laws, so working for a business that is involved in less than above board activities could land you in serious trouble.

If you’re wondering how you get permission from the government to work, well, that’s easy. All you need to do is apply for a visa in the same way you would other countries. If you chose to emigrate, your residency order will allow you to earn money legally.

Finding Somewhere To Bank

Opening a bank account in Nigeria is incredibly simple and will help to make local transactions easier. That said, most expats chose to keep their British accounts, as these are considered to be far more secure than those on offer in West Africa.

Just don’t start thinking you’re going to be able to pay for general items like food and drink with your bank card. Nigeria is very much a cash society, so you’ll need to ensure you’ve always got a fair amount of paper in your pocket.

So there you have it my soon-to-be expat friends. I hope the information above was useful to you, and I wish you the very best of luck with your move.

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