A Drive Down Italy’s East Coast

A drive down Italy’s east coast could be one of the most memorable rides of your life. Places such as Venice and Ravenna would definitely be on your list of stops. Whether you intend to go relax or sight-seeing the east coast of Italy is a great place to do so and it is even better when you’re in control of your schedule on a self drive tour.

Some places to see

On the east coast of Italy some places that are a must see would include the Ravenna which is very interesting and has a lot of rich Roman history due to the historic Roman and Byzantine structures. This is just one place to go sight-seeing or to just relax and take in some of the historic views. Another great section is the area of Cattolica which goes up to Termoli. This section of the east coast is lined with beaches. It is a very good resort area and it is well known for the beaches and hotels it has to offer.


A very spectacular view indeed and to the opposite it is backed by the steep hills and some very sharp like valleys.

This goes on until the landscape changes into a very rich agricultural plain in Foggia. All these places just mentioned are all very interesting places and if you have the time it would be great to make a stop in each and go sight-seeing. The east coast of Italy is filled with many different sights to see, renting a car will give you both the freedom and flexibility to stop when you want to and go sight-seeing in the areas that interest you as you go along at your own pace. Alamo have pickup locations at every airport in Italy so if you’re planning a self drive holiday you should be able to pick up a car in the north and drop off and fly out from Rome in the south. This is a good option if you really want to get into everything the coast has to offer.

Puglia and the Salentino Heel

Moving on to Puglia you will have the views of the Gargano peninsula and this area is a very famous and usually crowed place when most travelers are on the route. Over 4 million visitors come here every year! Tourist attractions, facilities and beaches are all here. This is also something that is known mostly to the Germans and Italians and they are keeping very quiet about it so you have to go and explore the area yourself.

After leaving Foggia the landscape will then begin to gradually rise all the way up to the murge uplands and then the view will then descend on to the Salentino heel where you will come across some other interesting places such as the Florence of the south and Lecce. There will never be a dull or boring moment when driving down the east coast of Italy. Start making your travel plans to get there from now. Everyone on this trip will definitely enjoy it!


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