A 72 Hours in New York Countdown

Taking photos at the popular places in New York is most people’s daydream. Even with just 72 hours in New York, you will be able to tick your target destination checklist and visit several prominent sites around the city. Here’s how you can maximize your visit by having a 72-hour countdown in New York walkthrough.

Hour 72:00 – Let’s start our walkthrough at 5PM by visiting the most popular landmark in the city, which used to be tallest structure in the world, the Empire State Building. Enjoy its crafty architecture inside and out plus you can also ascend to its top to be fascinated by the city’s skyline and bright lights filled with buildings, houses and monuments.

Hour 71:00 – the night is just starting to settle and it’s now time for walkathon and shopping at Tiffany’s or Bloomingdale department store. It’s a perfect place for quality brands that will make you desire to buy everything.

Hour 69:30 – Be amazed by the lights at the Time Square and grab some great foods cooked by the New Yorkers. Try Pizza, Steak, Hotdog and Doughnuts. If you’re looking for some of the more multicultural flavours, you can even visit a bryant park japanese restaurant for some authentic Asian delicacies.

Hour 68:00 – It’s now time to let the food you ate settle down and stroll around art galleries and museums. You can visit The Frick Collection featured in a mansion owned by Henry Clay Frick located at the Fifth Avenue.

Hour 67:00 – Now, it’s time for you time to hop around different night life in the city and just choose which suits your mood afterwards. It’s time to have your good night rest because tomorrow will be a busy day.

Hour 58:00 – Good morning! Chill and enjoy the calm breeze at the Central Park that is one of New York’s most visited sites. It will be a perfect place to stroll around and enjoy the view. It is also a great hub for birdwatching so make sure to have your cameras always ready. There are also regular concerts, events and shows being held in this spacious park.

Hour 53:00 – Satisfy your cravings and grab the famous New York burger and fries.

Hour 52:00 – Go around the remarkable archive of different works of art at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a complete afternoon delight.

Hour 49:00 – Why not visit another memorable site in New York, Ellis Island Immigration Museum? It has plenty of exhibits and displays that will reflect rich stories of New York’s past. Plus you will be able to enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty during your ferry ride.

Hour 46:00 – Enjoy a peaceful and quiet dinner to end your busy day with one of the classy, fine-dining restaurants in the city and tag it as one of your most memorable evenings ever. Head off for some sleep in any of the New York Hotels where you can get some much needed rest.

Hour 35:00 – Wake up and set your morning to enjoy a once in a lifetime food trip and make sure to tick the top 10 foods to try in New York.

Hour 28:00 – You can also have a great view of the city day landscape from the observation deck at the peak of the Art Deco skyscraper, popularly known as the Top of the Rock. It will be a breath-taking experience that will let you bring home fascinating photos.

Hour 26:00 – Stroll around the neighbourhoods in New York to feel how it is like to live in New York. Drop by at the Greenwich Village and explore houses, small boutiques, and cafes. Indulge also in the neighbourhood treats for your dinner.

Hour 11:00 – Face your last New York sunshine with a smile. Make sure your camera is charged because you will spend your last morning taking your time to stroll and taking random photos.

Hour 5:00 – Spend your last hours going to the Statue of Liberty and enjoy the calm breeze from the sea. As your departure time goes nearer, remember the experiences you have spent during your 72 hours in New York. These memories will surely be worth smiling for.

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