5 Scenic Wedding Destinations in Australia

Australian couples are very fortunate in the fact that they do not have to travel far to find a dream wedding destination.

Instead of having to fly halfway round the world to experience a beautiful wedding destination, Australian couples can simply choose from the many beautiful top wedding spots that are found around the country. Here is a look at the most gorgeous wedding destinations in Australia.

1. Sydney

No spot in Australia has more beautiful architecture to incorporate into wedding pictures than Sydney does. Imagine getting married with the magnificent Sydney Opera House as the backdrop. There is also the beautiful Sydney Harbour available to lend the wedding a beautiful backdrop. The city is also full of lots of beautiful, historic churches to use for weddings. Sydney is one of the best wedding destinations in the world.

2. Port Douglas

For anyone looking to have a tropical island theme for their wedding without leaving Australia, Port Douglas will be right up their alley. This beautiful location is the perfect place in Australia for couples looking for beach weddings in a beautiful setting. There are also lots of traditional chapels available in Port Douglas for couples who want to get married in a church and have a beautiful beach reception afterwards.

3. Uluru

This is one of the more adventurous Australian wedding destinations that couples can choose from. Uluru is the massive red rock that sits in the heart of the outback in the Northern Territory. It is a very spiritual place that creates a wonderful atmosphere in which to host a wedding. It does take some planning and overcoming some logistical problems to host a wedding in the outback, but anyone who takes the plunge will create an unforgettable wedding experience.

4. Hayman Island

For anyone who wants a very luxurious wedding at an island resort, Hayman Island has what they are looking for. This gorgeous island located near the Great Barrier Reef is home to a five-star resort that will create one of the most amazing weddings imaginable for couples. This fantastic resort is a beautiful site for a wedding and an ideal spot to lure guests to come to the wedding. The best part is that the newlywed couples don’t even have to leave after the wedding. Hayman Island is a perfect place for a tropical honeymoon as well.

5. Yarra Valley

This lush wine country is one of the most idyllic locations to host a wedding in Australia. The rolling green hills are the perfect backdrop to host a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. The reception will be full of the richest wines and cheeses that are made in this agricultural paradise. It is also a great spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties with all of the great wine tours that are available. The Yarra Valley is a spot that promises couples a wonderful wedding setting, great rehearsal dinners and a spectacular reception.

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