5 of Portugals Most Breathtaking Places to Visit

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The beautiful country of Portugal in Southwestern Europe has attracted British tourists year upon year for decades. Some think it’s the weather that keeps them returning,others say it’s the friendly local people, but whatever you think, one thing is for certain; Portugal is home to some of the most structurally breathtaking towns and cities in the entire world.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere suitable to take your loved one away for a romantic break in the sun, the search is now over, you’ve found the ideal location – lucky you. I actually traveled to Portugal last year and I don’t mind telling you I had an absolutely fantastic time.

Now, you probably want to know more about this sublime country, right? Well, take a quick read through the rest of this article and i’ll do my utmost to fill you in on some of the places you don’t want to overlook.


Perhaps the most famous area in the whole of Portugal, the charming city of Lisbon offers a real upfront taste of traditional Portuguese culture. Here you’ll find many ancient buildings sporting alluring architecture that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. This place is ideal for innovative visionaries looking to recharge their batteries whilst gaining some much needed inspiration.


For those who love nothing more than lazing about on beaches, eating top quality food, and spending their evenings dancing until the early hours, you really can’t go wrong with any location in the Algarve. The people are welcoming, the drink is often flowing, and the accommodation is incredibly reasonable. If you chose to stay in this area, i’d advise you to book with RentIn Albufeira, as they gave me and my partner a fantastic deal.


This truly fascinating community is situated at the mouth of the Douro River and houses some of the most pulchritudinous sights in the entire country. As it’s the second largest city in the region, you’re certain to find many interesting shops, food stalls, and even the occasional street performer looking to part you from your change with bewitching dancing and angelic singing.


With whitewashed walls everywhere you turn, this wonderfully handsome hilltop town is sure to take your breath away. You can also visit other attractions such as the Obidos lagoon where you can enjoy water sports lessons like Kitesurfing provider by Kitesurf Schule Portugal or similar institutions nearby. Apart from that you can sit back and appreciate the beauty of the place. Surrounded by walls built in medieval times, and crowned with an authentic Moorish castle, this place is always incredibly popular with artists and photographers as its architecture is totally unique to the region.


In 2001 this historical city was designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO because of its truly phenomenal history. One of only two European capitals of culture, a short walk through it’s winding cobbled streets will show you exactly why this area is loved so much. With a medieval castle and some of the oldest, most beautiful artwork to be found anywhere in Europe, this city will blow your minds.

So there you have it my friends. I hope you find my article of some use, and I hope you too get the opportunity to travel to Portugal in the near future – it really is something special.

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