5 Great UK Cities for Your Next Summer Minibreak

The UK is packed with great destinations for summer breaks; if you’re looking for a city in which to catch the sun and see some great sights, you’ll be spoilt for choice. To help you make your pick, we’ve written up a quick overview of our five favourite UK cities for summer breaks.

  1. Oxford

Oxford is perfect during the summer since you get to check out all the fantastic architecture and attractions while all the students are away for the holidays – you can even book university accommodation for a low-cost place to stay. If you get too hot, try going for a punt on the river.

  1. Bristol

Bristol’s Harbour Festival is one of the best annual events in the country, and the sea breeze keeps even the hottest of days pleasantly refreshing. Even better, you have plenty of outside activities right on your doorstep, including rock climbing, hiking, bouldering, and mountain biking. Bristol boasts a range of great accommodation options for all budgets too.

  1. Brighton

Most people head away from the UK when they want to sit on a beach and soak up the rays, but there’s really no need when you can just visit Brighton. The city itself has a fun and lively pulse throughout the year, but it really comes alive during the summer. Stroll along the waterfront, check out the iconic pier, or simply relax in a deckchair.

  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh doesn’t tend to get as hot as the rest of the UK, so it’s a nice spot to pick if you like your summers mild. It also has the famous Fringe festival where you can check out anything from top comedy to innovative performance art. Hike up Arthur’s Seat for stunning views across the city.

  1. Canterbury

Once the capital of England, Canterbury is now a charming university town that’s ideal for a summer break. History buffs will love its museums and interactive Chaucer exhibit. It’s also close to channel crossings, so you should consider stopping for the day if you’re on your way to France.

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