5 Great and Unusual Ideas for Hen Nights

If you are stuck for ideas for an upcoming hen night then there is some good news for you. There are more fantastic and unusual ideas out there than you might be aware of. The following are 5 of the best plans for a wonderful and unforgettable hen do.

Play Pub Golf

How about a game of golf? Don’t worry though; you don’t need to get a set of clubs and hit a ball for hours on end. Instead, you just need to go from one pub to another. Pub golf is a hugely entertaining type of pub crawl that adds a touch of golf to a traditional drinking game.

The rules are incredibly simple and you can make it even more interesting by dressing up in amusing golfing gear as well. Too started on Pub Golf we recommend having a look at www.pubgolfguide.com

Watch Some Horse Races

It is entirely possible that not a single lady in your group of friends has ever gone to a racecourse. Isn’t it time to sort this out? Going to watch some horse racing might not sound like the kind of thing which you would want to do on a hen do but when you think about it then it would be a lot of fun. You all get to go a bit wild, place some bets, and shout encouragement to your horses as they race. It could be a great way to start the day.

Participate in a Bridefest

One fantastic and unusual idea that’s gaining popularity is participating in a Bridefest – a joyous celebration that combines the best elements of a music festival with the excitement of a hen party. This trend is all about celebrating friendship, freedom, and the impending wedding in a vibrant and energetic setting. Sounds interesting? Then, head on to the website of the World’s number one bachelorette party organizers and register yours as well as your group’s name.

A Themed Fancy Dress Night

A simpler and cheaper way to turn the hen do into a really fun event is to all dress up. This is brilliant fun and it can be even better when you persuade everyone to follow the same sort of theme. There are now loads and loads of different funny hen costumes for you to browse through on the internet. For example, you could all wear 70s disco gear and wigs, sailor’s outfits, pirate gear, or something else that you like the look of and which everyone agrees to wear. This is also a way of making it clear that you are on a hen night and therefore encouraging other groups to have a laugh with you.

Try the Beach

One of the finest modern ideas for hen weekends is to go abroad. There are some great cities across Europe where you can have fun while enjoying some culture. If you like the idea of doing this then maybe you will be tempted by a trip to the beach. Marbella, Barcelona and Ibiza are some of the best places in Spain to have a trip away with the girls. However, you could have a great time anywhere which gives you a beach, some bars and the chance to let your hair down.

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