10 Insider Secrets to Booking Really Cheap Flights

More and more people are shunning their annual holiday as they believe they don’t have enough money to fly away somewhere nice and hot. The truth is; there’s plenty of insider secrets you can use to book yourself a really cheap flight! Here, we’ve got 10 of those insider secrets to help you book that flight to your dream destination:

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Book Well In Advance…

Booking months and months ahead of the date you want to fly can save you a substantial amount of money. If you want to book in peak times, it’s wise to do so months in advance or you could risk paying through the nose.

Or Alternatively Book Last Minute

Sometimes you can find very cheap last minute flights when airlines are trying to encourage bookings – just remember you probably won’t have a lot of choice.

Whether you book in advance or last minute pretty much depends on when and where you’d like to go. For example, it’s probably best to book in advance if you want flights to Stockholm.

Fly In Off Peak Times

Travelling mid week, outside of school holidays (although new government legislation has made that much harder recently), and in unsociable hours are all off peak times to fly that can save you a bundle. However, try to ensure that you don’t end up paying extra for transport or accommodation either because your arrival time is very early or late.

Fly With Hand Luggage Only

Travelling light with only hand luggage will save you quite a bit of money, or if that isn’t possible you could always choose an airline that offers no extra charge for hold luggage, such as BA. You should also make sure that your bags are under the limit allowed by the airline before you leave your house.

Watch Out For Any Hidden Charges and Extras

You need to be vigilant with some airlines (naming no names – Ryanair *cough*) as they can be very pushy when it comes to travel insurance and other hidden extras. Travel insurance is a good idea – but you might already have it, for example, with your bank for free! Check before you book.

Pay With a Debit Card

Paying with a debit card is usually much cheaper, just beware you won’t get the added protection you get with a credit card.

Use Skyscanner 

Skyscanner allows you to easily compare airline fares, and you can even compare prices if you were to fly out with one airline and fly back with another. Which leads us on to our next point…

Use Two Different Airlines

Sometimes you can get a much cheaper deal when buying an inward bound flight with one airline and an outward bound flight with another airline – you can even choose to fly from different airports!

Remember the 24 Hour Rule 

Once you’ve booked, check the next morning to see if the flight has gotten any cheaper. If it has, you can usually call to cancel your flight and then rebook without getting into trouble!

Check Facebook

Some airlines will announce special deals exclusively to Facebook likers. You just need to make sure you strike while the iron’s hot – if you find a great deal don’t hesitate!

There you have them; 10 insider secrets that can help you book a really cheap flight. Good luck!

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