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With dropping airfare prices allowing us to visit an ever-broader range of travel locations, many of the world’s top hotels have had to start maximising their appeal with some fascinating extra features.

So whereas hotels once used to rely on the tried-and-tested formula of luxury beds and extravagant catering, the 21st century hotel has now felt the need to implement a few of these highly-entertaining features.

Music and dance

LA 04 2005 005

LA 04 2005 005

Many boutique hotels such as the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles have built up a reputation and dedicated fanbase through the implementation of live music events inside their compact but perfectly-formed venue. By selecting a innovative range of cutting-edge artists that perfectly complement the chic downtown location, the hotel has managed to gain valuable exposure in the city’s competitive hotel market.

And similarly, the world-famous Hotel Cafe Royal in London plays upon the city’s past heritage with its Salon des Artistes nights on weekends that feature an array of cabaret singers, comedians and performance artists who add a touch of heady glamour to the already sophisticated and decadent setting.

Sports and games


It’s become a well-established trend amongst the world’s top-class hotels to include a range of gaming facilities to help customers unwind in a luxurious setting. In particular, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas not only provides a concert venue and massive restaurant, but it also features an incredible selection of casino games right in the heart of Sin City.

And the Palmerie Hotel in Marrakech marries a modernist, hotel environment with a massive world-class 27-hole golf courseand resort next to its specially-built 315-room Golf Palace. Although the resort doesn’t feature the casinos of Las Vegas, customers can still easily enjoy the casino lifestyle courtesy of Fortune Palace who provide a good summary of gaming sitesthat offer the traditional pleasures of poker, roulette and blackjack.

Rest and relaxation

When it comes to providing a luxury break for customers, a few hotels really push the boat out. In particular, the luxury Swiss hotel Chedi Andermatt features a spectacular range of pools, a multi-purpose gym, and free fitness classes and treatments from its base in the lush Alpine valleys.

Whereas the SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante takes a much more intensive look at their customer’s health. By providing a range of specialist macrobiotic dishes, as well as an in-built health clinic and dentist, guests will leave feeling reborn and rejuvenated from their luxury holiday break

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