Top 10 Budget Wines For This Holiday Season

With Christmas just round the corner, and winter all set to begin, life becomes easier if you have a glass of wine in your hand, isn’t it? A great bottle of wine can do wonders for you, in addition to de – stressing you and preparing you for the mood – and if it comes as a gift, then you just can’t describe the feeling.


However, not everyone is lucky enough to receive wine bottles as a gift, and hence, here is the list of the best wines at the best possible price for you. Besides, you can get an ultimate all white wine sampler using a Groupon code on e-stores like Splash Wines! If you don’t want to stick to only one bottle, why not try them all, and especially if they’re so affordable?

With that being an option, you are still free to choose from the exquisite list below. If you like them, then great, otherwise, fret not, because during this holiday, you can get amazing discounts up to 40% with wines even from Gold Medal Wine Club.

#1: Castle Rock Pinot Noir (2006)

If you love sensual and seductive, then you are supposed to love this cherry fragrant liquid pleasure. This red wine will be great with almost anything ranging from seafood to holiday roast.

#2: Esser Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

If you love blackberries, then this flavored wine along with vanilla and cedar notes will be a great way to enjoy this Christmas.

#3: Segura Viudas Aria Estate Cava Brut

This pear flavored lovely wine is not only the best thing, because you will also love the bottle it is marketed in. If you have food in your mind, then this is the best wine for the holiday season, because it can handle any occasion and any food associated with it.

#4: Saint M Riesling

For the lovers of white wine, this is an excellent peach flavored liquid for this holiday season.

#5: Wolf Bass Yellow Label Chardonnay (2007)

For pineapple lovers, you can find this wine good enough for the holiday season, with the goodness of Chardonnay grapes in it. You can use it with Savory carrot and even your favorite tart.

#6: Sanford Pinot Noir (2006)

This silky red wine has dried cranberry, cardamom and sassafrass along with rhubarb and strawberry flavor. This will actually be great for your test buds and easy to go with any foods.

#7: Grgich Hills Estate Chardonnay (2006)

This biodynamic wine is one of the best Chardonnays available in the market and has an award winning crisp and richly styled taste. This will be the bottle to impress the wine lovers!

#8: Badia a Coltibuono Sangioveto (2000)

This Tuscan treasure is made from the same grapes for Chianti, i.e. Sangiovese, but is better and more layered than Chianti. This is not only delicious after decanting and go with ribs or roasted food, but also storable in your cellar as an asset.

#9: Kalon Vineyard Fume Blanc (2006)

This vineyard is known to yield a sophisticated white wine that has notes like honey, pineapple, coconut, and tarragon to make it silky and sensual.

#10: McLaren Vale Shiraz (2006)

This exquisite, red wine comes with two interesting flavors of fig and chocolate, and can be consumed with a piece of cheese, or even your favorite dark chocolate.

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